So many things have happened in the last few weeks!  I got married (more posts/photos/videos coming soon).  I went on my Honeymoon to Quebec City.  I just got back and barely had time to breath when I found out that I am a finalist in the #SCLTalentSearch Contest.  I found out about the contest while watching one of my favorite YouTuber’s Tati from GlamLifeGuru literally two days after my wedding.  The deadline for entry was the day I was getting back from my Honeymoon.  So while I was supposed to be packing for Quebec I filmed a quick video for Instagram inspired by my wedding day makeup with Kiss Proof Red Lipstick Tips.

I found out I was a finalist the end of last week.  So this week I will be re-packing and taking a trip to NYC to film a segment for StyleCodeLive, attend GenBeauty, and meet Tati.  I am excited, anxious, overwhelmed, and honored all rolled into one!

I wanted to share with you the video that made me a finalist, and share with you the lip look that I wore on my wedding day…

Pinning is Glamorous!

Kiss Proof Red Lipstick Tips & #SCLTalentSearch Contest Finalist

Kiss Proof Red Lipstick Tips & #SCLTalentSearch Contest Finalist

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I fully intended to get back to a regular posting schedule this month, but with the change in my schedule posting will still be a little sporadic for a few weeks.  But this trip will give me some great content, so when I do get back to posting regularly I promise it will be worth it!
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