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Month: September 2015

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Day 3

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Earl Battle

I can’t believe Day 3 of StyleWeek has already come and gone.  I got caught up blogging yesterdays post so I made it to Providence a little later than usual and had to skip the Accessory Showcase.  Day 3 seemed a little less organized than Days 1 & 2.. not all the names were on the seats, so finding a place to sit was a little crazy.  I got a prime spot to see the fashion up close, but not an ideal spot for photos (I miss my Day 1 seat).  These shows actually were a little more theatrical in themes than some of the other nights, so I focused more on video (be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss my vlog of the whole week!)  I don’t have quite as many photos, but here’s some fashion eye candy that I did capture…   (more…)

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Day 2 & Everyday Fall Makeup

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Clothes Horse Clothing presented by Eden XO

Day 2 down of StyleWeek Northeast 2015, and what a day it was.  I started out planning to wear this outfit.  Right before I was about to leave, my skirt zipper broke.  The skirt was not too tight at all, so it’s obviously a defective zipper.  I don’t know if I’m going to try to return it or invest in a tailor to put in a quality zipper… but anyway, that’s just another lesson: when your going to an important event and running late (like I always am… Instagram isn’t going to check itself, m’ right?) alway plan a backup outfit!

Wardrobe malfunction aside, let’s get to the good stuff… (if you want to see how I’ve been doing my makeup all week, then be such to check out the end of this post!)  (more…)

What I’m Loving This Week: Never Forget Edition

Never Forget Quote Maya Angelou

Every generation has major life events.. things that everyone remembers exactly where they were when they happened.  In my parents generation it was the JFK assassination.  I feel like, in my lifetime, there have been quite a few major events that I will never forget.  Maybe it’s just in my nature to “Never Forget.”  Having a Birthday on a day like Pearl Harbor Day (the anniversary of it… I’m not THAT old) gave me a unique perspective on days of Remembrance.  I’ll bet those with birthdays today know what I’m talking about.

So in addition to my usual “What I’m Loving This Week,” I thought I would add a “Where I Was When” section as a tribute to the anniversary of Sept 11th… (more…)

Selena Gomez VMAs 2015 Inspired Makeup Look- Good For You

Selena Gomez VMAs 2015 Inspired Makeup Look- Good For You

Selena Gomez always looks classic and elegant, so I wanted to do a makeup look inspired by the look her makeup artist Jake Bailey gave her for the VMAs (and I just had to use her hit Good For You).  I used her exact eye liner, mascara, and lipstick from Cover Girl.  I didn’t have her exact shadow pencil, and the mix I made came out a little bright… but the whole look is affordable because everything I used came came from the drugstore….

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Fashion or Bust: How to Wear the Mod 60’s Trend For Full Busts

Fashion or Bust: How to Wear the Mod 60's Trend For Full Busts

The swingin’ 60s were a fun time (so I hear, I’m not old enough to remember, but I love Austin Powers so I’ll call myself and expert).  However, the waif thin body was the “in” look of the time.  Twiggy was the it girl, and the a-line shift dresses of the day worked so perfectly on a boyish figure.  I’m sure there were curvy girls in that era, but you rarely see them images of them.  So when the mod look started to show up on the runways, I got nervous.  Determined to not let my bust-line hold me back, I asked myself the question I always ask in tricky fashion situations: WWJHHOMMD (What Would Joan Holloway Harris of Mad Med Do).  I think this is a look Joan would ROCK! (more…)

Vlog: Fashion Police, Boobs, Unboxing, Liquid Lipstick Review, & More!

Vlog Screen shot camera

This is my first “Everyday Life’ type vlog… I’m talking all about the return of Fashion Police (missing Joan Rivers, and fan girling Brad Goreski, Giuliana Rancic, and NeNe Leakes), being a girl with boobs and why it’s not always fun, unboxing some jewelry, taking photos for my blog, and reviewing some new liquid lipsticks!

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