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Month: November 2014

Modern 1930s Jean Harlow inspired Makeup Tutorial

Modern 1930s Jean Harlow inspired Buxom Bombshell Makeup Tutorial

With holiday party season upon us, makeup is getting more festive.  So I have a modern take on a 1930s Jean Harlow liquid gold makeup look that is perfect for the holiday season. Using Cover Girl Bombshell shadow in golden goddess, and a Buxom gift set from Sephora, I created this super versatile and easy Buxom Bombshell makeup tutorial.

To see the full look, check out my Recipe For The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

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I’m Thankful for Links a la Mode!

There are so many things I’m thankful for this year, but one of them is definitely Independent Fashion Bloggers for there blogging advice, and there weekly Links a la Mode.  I have been chosen a few times for the honor of being featured along with some amazing bloggers.  This week they featured my favorite post this week… my Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit.  I’m super proud of this post, so I’m extra honored to be chosen…. (more…)

How I Do My Base Makeup

How I do my base makeup

I have been doing a variation on the same base makeup for years (if it ain’t broke, right?).  I actually have very difficult skin, but I always get compliments of how naturally good my skin looks (haha, they think I naturally look this good).  I will admit, I take very good care of my skin, but a good base makeup routine is key in getting a polished look.  Every skin type is different, but this is how I do my base makeup…

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Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving is all about food and family… so it can be easy to forget about fashion.  But I have to recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit so you can cook, entertain, and still look fabulous (how good you feel may depend entirely on how pleasant your family is).


1 easy and chic updo to keep your hair out of your face (and the food)… mine is just clipped under for a 30s inspired bob, but you can try my quick and easy bun tutorial (more…)

Rustic Glamour Thanksgiving Tablescape

Rustic Glamour Thanksgving Tablescape

I wanted to design a Thanksgiving tablescape that was affordable, easy, and glamorous.  So I did what I always do when I need inspiration: I make a date with Pinterest.  After what seemed like hours of Pinning (probably because it was…. Pinterest is so distracting.  “Who cares that I’m not planning a wedding… I can on Pinterest”) I found inspiration.  I decided to go with a rustic glamour look because it felt very Fall, and it mixed a modern look with a vintage glamour… and that’s what ES is all about… (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: Month 2

Red Carpet Ready 2 months
Image via Getty Images

Last month I shared with all of you Starlets that I was getting Red Carpet Ready, and I have a 3 month plan to (hopefully) make that happen.  I’m still following those goals…. (well mostly, my schedule and the weather keep getting in the way of my workouts) …but this month I’m adding to them… (more…)

Can Women and Women Just Be Friends?

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 15

Can women and women just be friends?  Okay, so obviously women can be friends… we learned that from Sex and the City… but can women meet as adults and become friends… and how does one do it?  These may be pretty deep thoughts for a Friday, but I went to a blogger networking event recently, and it got me thinking.  I realized I was surrounded by hundreds of women… there were only about 3 guys in the area of the event.  (more…)

‘Me Time’ Tag w/ Everyday Starlet

Me Time Tag YouTube Vlogger video

I’ve been spending more time on YouTube lately, trying to get some ideas and learn more about how other vloggers make videos.  I came across this video by a YouTuber I recently Subscribed to, essiebutton, all about Me-Time.  Me-time is so important for creativity and mental health, but so many people don’t get enough of it.  Here is the original video… and here is my Me-Time video….

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