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Fashion or Bust: Custom Clothing

Fashion or Bust: Custom Clothing, eshakti.com, little white dress, eyelet Summer dress,

Anyone with a less-than-average body type knows the frustration of finding clothes that fit.  Tailoring is always an option, but it can be pricey, inconvenient, and, maybe this is my own experience, but I find many tailors and seamstresses to be kinda mean (if you have a nice one who you love, then I’m jealous, I may have just had bad luck).  I had never considered custom clothing before, I always assumed it was out of my price range.  So when I was approached by eShakti.com to receive a custom piece from their website to try out for Everyday Starlet readers I was excited to try it.  Well, first I was hesitant.  I get approached by many companies wanting to do some kind of collaboration with my blog.  I ignore a lot of them because they have no relevance to my readers or are just not the right fit (pun not originally intended, but a happy coincidence).  So when I got the email from eShakti, I checked out their website and realized that I was in love with so many items!   (more…)

Summer Nights Tablescape

Summer Nights Tablescape, Rustic Glamour Pinterest, Michaels Decorating

There always seems to be a long break between holidays this time of year.  After the 4th of July, there isn’t really a decorating holiday until Halloween.  That leaves a few months to fill a table’s decor.  I decided to decorate my table for Summer… after the Winter we had in New England, Summer deserves a little celebration.  I already had a Rustic Glamour 4th of July theme going.  So instead of starting from scratch, I just switched out some of the colors and went with a Summer Night Tablescape theme.  Periwinkle hydrangeas ARE Summer in New England.  The burlap table runner with champagne colored glitter ribbon mimics sand sparkling under the moonlight.  The mason jars hold fairy lights… they make me think of catching fire flies in a jar.  Stars scattered over the table remind me of Summers at Cape Cod when I was a kid.  There always seemed be be more stars in the sky. I added some glitter starfish to give it a beachy feel.   (more…)

Summer Goals 2015

It's a beautiful mornin' #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter
It’s a beautiful mornin’ #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter

I’ve said this before, but I really believe there is something to making a list and putting your goals and dreams out into the universe.  So every season I try the set goals and I’m always shocked at how many of them come true.  Here are my goals for this Summer… (more…)

Fashion or Bust: Striped Skirt

Striped Skirt Collage

I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a series of fashion for women with a full bust.  I don’t see that represented on many fashion blogs.  There are blogs dedicated to plus sized ladies (and there should be, because they really do deserve to feel just as fabulous and fashionable as the size 2s).  However, some of us busty ladies are not necessarily plus sized, just top heavy.  Since I’ve been dealing with dressing with a full bust for… well… my whole life really… I thought I would do some fashion posts dedicated to us top heavy fashionistas.  I’m thinking of calling it “Fashion or Bust.” (more…)

Summer Reading List for Bloggers & YouTubers

Summer Reading Collage

Summer is a time when things just seem to happen at a slower pace.  Hot sun and sweat just makes you feel like relaxing with a lemonade and a good book.  I always find it to be the perfect time to catch up on reading.  I’ve set so many goals for myself this year for this blog and my YouTube channel, so I thought this Summer was the perfect time to check out some books by other bloggers and YouTubers who I follow for inspiration.  Here are some that I’ve either read or plan to read this Summer… (more…)

3 Ways to Get a Little More Esther Williams in Your Life

Today would have been the legendary Esther Williams’ Birthday, so to celebrate her life, I wanted to share with you a few easy ways that you can add a little more of this glamorous Starlet into your everyday life.

1. Do a quick and easy Esther Williams inspired updo

Esther Williams Inspired Braided Updo


2. Lounge by a beach or pool with Million Dollar Mermaid… one of the best books ever about Old Hollywood (more…)

Glamorous, Waterproof, Beach Makeup

Everyday Starlet Waterproof Makeup for Beach or Pool to look like a pin up girl

Some people would never dream of wearing makeup to the beach… but true Starlets know that anytime they are out in public there is a chance of being photographed.  That’s why I have created this simple beach makeup look that will protect your skin with SPF, is waterproof, and will make you look like a Starlet Pin Up Girl…

Products used in this video: (more…)

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