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1940s Inspired Updo

1940s Inspired Retro Modern Updo Hair tutorial

Modern pompadours are very trendy for Fall.  I wanted a new take on this look and do a modified retro bumper bang.  You can do almost anything you like with the back of the hair, and you can modify this look to suit your style and face shape.


Vintage Girl Studios Photoshoot

Nothing makes a girl feel like a Starlet more than a photoshoot.  It doesn’t really matter if the photos are to promote a new Hollywood Blockbuster or a family portrait, find a great photographer and book a session.  You can always use professional photos of yourself, so it will always be worth the investment.  I worked with Krzystyna from Vintage Girl Studios a few years ago for some pics for my comedy website, but I decided I wanted some Everyday Starlet inspired photos.  I did my own hair and makeup for the shoot, and I love the results…

Vintage Old Hollywood Glamour photoshoot
Photo by Vintage Girl Studios


6 Lessons from Lauren Bacall

Yesterday we lost one of the few remaining Old Hollywood Starlets, Lauren Bacall.  So in honor of her amazing life, here are 6 lessons we can learn from the Hollywood legend…

Find Your Best Look and Stick With It

If you look at pics of Ms. Bacall over the years, her hair changes very little.  Sometimes it’s a little shorter, but it is almost always side parted with an Old Hollywood wave.  This basic hairstyle was flattering and yet didn’t distract attention from her signature stare.

Lauren Bacall Hair Old Hollywood Waves
Image via bobbypinblog.blogspot.com

A Timeless Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Most of the photos of Ms. Bacall show her in outfits that can be easily worn today, yet she always looks stunning.  She even manages to make pearls a little less demure. (more…)

Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Affordable DIY Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Sometimes a Starlet just needs a cocktail.  So I decided to create a cocktail kit for travel.  This was inspired by a few collaborations that Dita Von Teese did with Cointreau for cocktail gift sets.  These gift sets were so stylish but they were very expensive and not really attainable for a Starlet on a budget.  So I decided to create an affordable version for the glamorous Starlet on the go…

In this video(more…)

Glamorous Country Girl Essentials

What’s in My Bag?

Everyday Starlet Whats in My Bag

Ever since I started Everyday Starlet I have been wanting to do a What’s in My Bag? video.  I’m always curious what people carry around in their handbags.  So here it is… the video is a little long, but I carry a lot.  I have a big bag that I carry for work and for long days where I’m running around and need a book or water or other essentials.  I carry a small cross body bag as a sort of wallet/essentials bag that I can take out of I’m just running to the store… or maybe going out to a bar after work.  This way I’m ready for anything… because Starlets never know where the day will take them… (more…)

Glamorous Places I Dream of Traveling To

While Starlets love their homes and their privacy, sometimes wanderlust gets the best of them and they need to take a trip.  Here is a list of the glamorous places I dream of visiting…

In the USA

San Luis Obispo, CA– I have always wanted to visit The Madonna Inn.  Everything about it looks intriguing, from the themed rooms to a pink steakhouse.  I must visit here at least once.

The Madonna Inn
Image via themadonnainn.com

Florida– I may be the only American who has never been to Florida, but I hope to go at least once… and I want to stay at the “Pink Palace(more…)

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