I can’t believe I made it!  I completed Whole30!  I hoped that I could do it, but a part of me thought I would give up halfway through. Here’s how week 4 went…

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Whole30 Week 4

The week in Facebook posts…

  • Whole30 Day 22: Caution.. planning a Honeymoon while on Whole30 will result in a list of restaurants you’d like to visit, but no hotel room to sleep in
  • Whole30 Day 23: I know bakeries sending me wedding dessert photos are just doing their job… but it feels cruel
  • Whole30 Day 24: I had a coconut cream pie Lara Bar that I swear was a religious experience
  • Whole30 Day 25: I had a dream last night that I went out to eat and they served me a burger. I told them I couldn’t eat it, and they told me that’s all they would give me… I ate it crying and screaming “it’s not my fault, they’re making me do it.”… The worst part? They didn’t give me any French Fries
  • Whole30 Day 26: My idea of a cheat right now would be all natural corn and sea salt tortilla chips…. what has become of me!
  • Whole30 Day 27: I’m almost out of Lara bars and it’s giving me serious anxiety
  • Whole30 Day 28: These are the LONGEST days of life!
  • Whole30 Day 29: Taking maple syrup away from a New Englander for this long is cruel and unusual punishment
  • Whole30 Day 30:  Dear Whole30, we had a good run.  But after today, we need to break up…. I don’t want to say “it’s not you, it’s me”… because let’s be real… it’s you

Here’s my day by day vlog of Whole30 Week 4…

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I want to thank all of you for your support, it means more to me than you will ever know!

Also, I’ll be doing a full final recap about my experience, what I learned, what worked, what didn’t, and my results… so stay tuned!

….and in case you missed it, here’s  Week 1, Week 2, Week 3
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