I’ve mentioned before on Everyday Starlet that the Great Outdoors is not a Starlets first choice of vacation, but she does like to enjoy a little nature now and then.  So here are a few essentials to make a trip to the country or glamping trip a little more glamorous….

A colorful kerchief will make you feel like a pin-up girl


Wardrobe stapes like cuffed denim and a blouse in plaid (could also be in white, gingham or flannel if it’s cold)… see more pics of this outfit here

North Conway Full Body

Moccasins, mine are Minnetonka

Minnetonka Moccasins

A Starlet will wear full makeup even in the woods… probably a variation on her beach makeup look

Outdoors Woods Glamour Fashion

An outdoorsy scent…. This one from Aromaflage doubles as a bug repellant which marries fashion and function…. A Starlet cannot resist something unglamorous made glam

Aromaflage Botanical fragrance and insect repellent

A camera to take secenic photos of walks and hikes… like this photo I took with my new Canon Rebel on my recent trip to North Conway, NH

North Conway Mountains

And a picnic basket for when you find a cute little picnic table like this one

North Conway Picnic Table

Marshmallows for roasting, of course (these are from my trip to Sweet in Worcester, a glam bar/dessert place… but you get the idea)

Happy Glamping!



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2 Comments on Glamorous Country Girl Essentials

    • Sarah Blodgett
      July 14, 2014 at 10:32 am (9 years ago)

      S’mores do make everything better 🙂