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Month: April 2014

Dita Von Teese’s Best Outfits at Coachella

Coachella is over, and I can’t say that most of the fashion seen at outdoor music festivals is really Starlet style.  But leave it to Glamour Queen Dita Von Teese to show everyone how to retain your style no matter where you are.  Here are my favorite looks of Dita’s at Coachella:

I love this fun summer dress, and the Keds are cute and comfortable

Dita Von Teese Coachella
Image via JustJared.com

I’m not normally a fan of Maxi dresses, but I love this one (more…)

How To Get a Pin-Up Girl Body

Pin Up Girl Workout
Image via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a Pin-Up Girl?  They are adorable and sexy all at the same time, and they come in many shapes and sizes.  The key to a Pin-Up Girl body is the soft, hourglass figure.  That means ideally, your top and bottom half are the same with a tiny little waist, and a curvy but not overly muscular look.  That may not be achievable for everyone, but you’d be amazed what exercise and diet can get you.  Personally, I have always had curves, but sometimes they can get out of control.  So here are some Pin-Up inspired exercises for that photo worthy figure…

Upper Body

Pin-Up Girls have a soft look.  No hard bulging muscles.  So incorporating an upper body workout into a cardio session is ideal, like with some type of martial arts, swimming (Pin-Up Girls love to be in swimsuits), or Dita Von Teese’s choice Fencing. (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Not So Beefy Wellingtons

Starlet’s love a dish with a title (I learned that from one of my favorite books: The Bombshell Manual of Style).  But many if the decadent dishes of the past were heavy and fattening.  I’ve also mentioned before that many Old Hollywood Starlets were serious animal rights activists and most likely would have been vegetarian had there been vegetarian option back then.  I’ve been wanting to start a series where I take retro recipes and make them new and hopefully healthier.  I wanted to start with a classic Beef Wellington.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend/taste-tester is allergic to poultry, I decided to try a vegetarian version.  I made a variation of this recipe from Virtually Vegan Mama for Portobello Wellingtons.  The recipe is vegan, but I made mine vegetarian using honey instead of date syrup, and I used regular butter and store bought puff pastry.   The critics (and by that, I mean my meat-eating boyfriend and father) loved it.  The Duxelle had so much flavor that no one even missed the meat.

Vegetarian Beef Wellington
Red Wine Glaze using my favorite red wine from Yellow Tail


Glamour Inspiration: The Dolly Sisters

Starlets embrace Glamour every day, but if you’re ever feeling like skipping your makeup… here is a fun little dance number that will inspire you to breakout the makeup, courtesy of The Dolly Sisters….

Betty Grable June Haver The Dolly Sisters
Image via Tumbr


Remember: Beautiful Faces come from Vanity cases!

Betty Grable June Haver The Dolly Sisters
Image via Tumblr



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Gardening Like A Pin Up

Gil Elvgren Pin Up

Gardening is a popular Pin Up and Glamour Girl pastime. It may seem unusual since it involves very un-glamorous things like dirt and worms… but it results in the beauty of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips for gardening like a pin up girl…

Dress the part

You can wear a pretty sundress, or a pretty apron that looks like a sundress.

Jessie Steele Garden Apron Photo via http://www.jessiesteele.com[/caption%5D

Make sure you incorporate gingham into your outfit (or maybe wear a swimsuit)… (more…)

Glamorous Backyard Essentials

Warm weather is approaching and many of you may be thinking of heading outdoors. What better way to enjoy the new season than lounging in your very own glamorous backyard. Here are some glamorous backyard essentials with inspiration from some Old Hollywood Starlets and Glamour Girls…

Plenty of flowers like Audrey Hepburn, who was an avid gardener

Image via Vouge

And fruits and veggies like Dita Von Teese’s oranges (more…)

Baking Like Dita Von Teese: Easter Bunny Cutout Cake

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know I have a bit of a Woman Crush on Dita Von Teese.  And while I probably won’t be dancing in a martini glass anytime soon… I can bake like her.  So here is my attempt at recreating her Easter bunny cutout cake… Dita vs starlet bunny cake Hers is a bit more detailed in the decoration.  I’m not sure what type of cake she used, but I made mine Hummingbird flavor (I used this recipe and also added toasted pecans), and I lightened up the frosting with tips from Fitness Magazine. (more…)

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