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Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Affordable DIY Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Sometimes a Starlet just needs a cocktail.  So I decided to create a cocktail kit for travel.  This was inspired by a few collaborations that Dita Von Teese did with Cointreau for cocktail gift sets.  These gift sets were so stylish but they were very expensive and not really attainable for a Starlet on a budget.  So I decided to create an affordable version for the glamorous Starlet on the go…

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Dream Travel: Los Angeles

Continuing with my month of dream traveling, I am dying to visit Los Angeles.  As an Everyday Starlet, I have always felt like Old Hollywood is my MotherLand.  Of course current Hollywood is not Old Hollywood (in a lot of ways), but I still want to see the sights and visit some landmarks.  As I mentioned in my dream travel list, I visited LA back in 2000 for some auditions.  I did get to see a few things but the trip itself was so stressful that I have always wanted to go back when I could really enjoy myself.  So I’ve created a Pinterest Board of places I need to visit in the City of Angels…
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Dream Travel: Cape Cod

When most people think of vacation spots in New England they think of Cape Cod.  The Kennedy’s made it famous, and Taylor Swift’s recent fling with a Kennedy brought it back into fashion.  I have been to Cape Cod with my family many times, and it has recently become one of my boyfriend and my favorite getaways.  So I started a Pinterest Board dedicated to Cape Cod, with some of the restaurants I love or would like to try, and some fashion inspiration from Ms. Swift and the legend herself Jackie O…
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What to Wear When Traveling

There was a time when people got dressed up to get on an airplane.  Traveling was an event worth breaking out the Sunday best.  Things are a little different today.  Travel is more common… and more uncertain.  With so many rule and check points, getting to your destination can seem overwhelming.  So most people’s inclination is to throw on sweats and be done with it.  However, a Starlet must look her best….after all, getting off a plane could be a photo op.  So how do Starlets stay comfortable and appropriate for a plane trip, while still looking her best?  Here are some essentials:

A comfy cotton dress is stylish and polished (add leggings if the weather is chilly).. like this one from Modcloth

Travel outfit essentials

A scarf that can double as a shawl or blanket (more…)

Starlet Soundtrack: Travel Playlist

Grace Kelly Cary Grant To Catch a Thief Image via http://www.moonkissd.com[/caption%5D

A Starlet would never dream of hitting the road without the proper soundtrack.  Since her music tastes tend to be all over the map, she may very well tailor her music to her destination.  A Starlet always knows how to set the mood.  Here is a playlist of some songs a Starlet may select from to get you inspired… (more…)

Dream Travel: Paris

July is Travel Month at Everyday Starlet, and while I can’t travel the whole world this month, I can day-dream about it.  I already mentioned my dream travel list, so I thought I would detail some of my dream vacations starting with Paris.  I have so many fantasies about traveling to Paris (if I can only get over my fear of flying), so I started a Pinterest Board of places I’d like to visit…
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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Travel Makeup Kit

It’s not surprising at a Starlet over-packs.  So she must cut corners anywhere she can while still retaining her glamour.  So I have a small travel makeup kit that I keep packed for any last minute getaways, including tools and products that I can use to get a variety of different looks.


How to Keep a Bombshell Figure While Traveling

You work hard for your Bombshell figureYou eat right (with the exception of occasional treats), and you work out… so don’t let that all go to waste on vacation or while traveling.  I’m not suggesting that you deprive yourself… that is definitely not the Starlet way.  I’m suggestion that you indulge smartly while you are away from home.  There are some tips…

Only eat out once a day.  This can be tricky depending on where you are going but I aim for saving my indulgences for dinner (with the exception of a really great breakfast diner).  First, I always try to get a hotel room with a fridge.  That way I can go to the nearest grocery store and get some basics.

For Breakfast, I bought a new travel blender for making my morning green smoothies.  I just pick up some almond milk when I arrive…

Green Smoothie Travel blender with almond milk Green Smoothie

Or for a breakfast or snack, I make some homemade granola (also with almond milk).  I got this recipe from Deliciously Ella (more…)

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