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Dream Starlet Closet

Image via Trend Stuck
Image via Trend Stuck

I may not currently have my ideal Starlet Closet, but I can dream…..and what better place to dream than Pinterest?  I encourage all of you Everyday Starlets to create a Pinterest board for ideas of your ideal dressing room.  You can follow mine…

Follow Sarah’s board Dream Closet on Pinterest.
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…and I would love for you to follow my Pinterest page as well (more…)

Starlet Closet: Organizing

This is the final week of our Starlet Closet project (here are Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 if you’d like to start from scratch).  Last week we went shopping.  So this week we focus on how to organize our fabulous wardrobe in our closet.  I will admit that right now I do not have my dream closet.  I am currently living with my parents and my childhood bedroom has morphed into a closet.  Someday I hope to have a whole room that I can convert into a glamorous Starlet dressing room.  But for now, here are some of my top tips for organizing your closet…

Use all the same hangers.  I fought this for the longest time.  I couldn’t justify buying hangers when there were so many around the house.  Some came with the clothes, some were from the dry cleaner, and others… well, I don’t know where they came from.  But I recently broke down and bought these thin felt hangers, and they not only look great, but they take up less space, hold the clothes better, and just make the whole closet look less cluttered.
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closet organizing hangers

Be sure to have some shelf space.  Shelves are perfect for folding sweaters (don’t hang knits, it will stretch them out), keeping pretty hat boxes with hats or accessories, and keeping a box of personal stylist kit supplies. (more…)

Starlet Closet: Shopping

Marilyn Monroe shopping
Image via rosedarlingburlesque.com

It’s week 3 of our Starlet Closet cleanout, and this week we talk about shopping.  If you followed the steps from week 1 and week 2 you should have a list of basics that you need.  Add to that list a few fun trendy items that you’d love to add to your wardrobe and that suits your style.
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Now go shopping.  Pick your favorite stores, online or in person, and start trying stuff on.

You can go high end or low end depending on your budget, but don’t automatically rule out one or the other.  Here are some shopping guidelines: (more…)

Starlet Closet: Cleaning

September is fashion month on Everyday Starlet, so I thought this would be the perfect time to clean out my closet.  The whole month I will be posting fashion related content, but every Tuesday I will be posting closet tips.  I’d like to invite you to follow along with me and by the end of the month we will all have (or be closer to) a perfect Starlet wardrobe.  This week is all about cleaning out your closet.

Closet Before

Take everything out and try it on (ideally with the proper undergarments) and see what fits you.  I know a lot of closet gurus will tell you to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you right now…. However, I fluctuate weight frequently, so I keep a few various sizes of clothing for thin and thick days.  But if you have clothes that are several sizes too big or too small, you may want to consider letting them go. (more…)

Fashion Police : Joan Rivers Closet Raid Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese Joan Rivers Fashion Police Closet Raid
Image via Pinterest

I wanted to share one of my favorite videos with all you Starlets.  It combines some of my favorite things: Fashion, Dita Von Teese, and Joan Rivers…

Note: the video has been taken down, but you can still see it here




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