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Everyday Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Everyday Back to School Makeup

Whether you’re going back to school, or just need a quick easy makeup routine for getting out the door quickly, I have the routine for you in my Everyday Back to School Makeup Tutorial.  It’s affordable because its (mostly) drugstore makeup… I’m having the hardest time finding brows products from the drugstore that work for me, but if you have darker skin and/or hair you’ll probably have an easier time.  This look also lasts all day, so you can worry about classes and studying and not about find a mirror… although, if you’re neurotic like me, you’ll probably look for one anyway…just add a quick bun and your look is complete!

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Beauty Myth: Does Shaving Really Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Beauty Myth: Does Shaving Really Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Since the beginning of time women have been trying to be more beautiful… I have a feeling Eve ate the apple because she thought it would improve her skin.  So over the years it’s only logical that some myths about beauty treatments can develop.  But one myth that has been around forever really drives me crazy: that your hair grows back faster/thicker when you shave it.  Many people believe this.  I’ve heard beauty professionals, YouTube gurus, and even men desperate to protect their hairlines all buy into this myth.  I even knew a guy who was planning to shave his head so he wouldn’t go bald.. and he claimed his veteran hairdresser advised him (I think she probably didn’t like him and found an easy way to stop giving him haircuts, but that’s my own theory).   (more…)

Drugstore Glam Pink Blushed Nudes Makeup Tutorial

Maybelline Drugstore Glam Pink Blushed Nudes Makeup Tutorial

I set out to create a Drugstore Glam Pink Blushed Nudes Makeup Tutorial. I’ve have my Maybelline Blushed Nude palette for a while, but I’ve been do distracted by all my Urban Decay palettes that I hadn’t picked it up to use it.  I decided, since glamour doesn’t have to be expensive, why not do a whole makeup look using the Blushed Nudes and all drugstore makeup products.  I’m loving the outcome!  It’s perfect for a Summer (while it lasts) event, or any back to school dances and homecoming that are just around the corner!

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Fall 2015 Trend: Silver Grey Glam

Grey Collage

Grey gets me excited.. no I don’t mean 50 Shades of (darn it, I wanted to avoid that cliche, and I didn’t make it past the first sentence).  Anyway, I love all the shades of grey (gray?).  Some people find it drab and dull, but it’s my absolute favorite neutral!  When you’re a fair skinned platinum blonde like me, white can wash you out, and black can seen severe.  But grey always makes my day.  I love it in fashion, makeup, and especially with a little sparkle!  That’s why I was so excited to hear it was a trend for Fall 2015!  Here are some ideas to bring a little more grey into your everyday… (more…)

All About That Face: Glowing Skin w/ Strobing & Contouring

All About That Face: Glowing Skin w/ Strobing & Contouring

I decided to use all the highlighters…

When my good friend and amazingly talented musician Dale LePage asked me if I wanted to use his song, How She Shines, in a video I knew I was going to go a little overboard with the shimmer.  I’ve been wanting to do a look for a long time that just focused on glowing skin w/ strobing & contouring while keeping the eyes and lips neutral and matte.  Most of my looks are a matte or slightly shimmery face with bold eyes and/or lips with lots of sparkle and shine.

I wanted to strobe, but I also wanted to contour… which is apparently a mortal sin when strobing.  But I contoured with shimmer… ahh, a loophole in the strobing universe! With so much going on on the face, I kept the eyes simple, only using the matte shades in my new Naked Smoky palette, and stayed with a mauve nude matte liquid lipstick…

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All About That Face: Glowing Skin w/ Strobing & Contouring

Here’s what I used to get the look…

Glowing Skin Makeup


Glowing Skin Eye Makeup


Glowing Skin Lips


My Brushes are from Real Techniques & Sephora

Let’s take one more look at some highlighter eye candy for a second…

Glowing Skin Highlighters

I’ve linked this look up to #themakeupmixup with the fabulous hosts Jaelan & Miranda

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Think Pink: An Ode to Makeup in Pink Packaging

Think Pink: An Ode to Makeup in Pink Packaging

Confession time… I have a little obsession with pink.  I know, you’re shocked right?  I specifically have a weakness for a pearly pink shade.  Actually, several years ago when I needed a new laptop, I did a ton of research, sat in on a Mac workshop, and talked to several computer experts.  But then I walked into Best Buy, I saw a pink Dell laptop, and said, “I want that one.”  When I bought my first digital camera, I did the same thing… I bought the pearly pink one.  Since then, times have changed.. kinda.  Just this year, when my trusty pink laptop started to die (RIP old friend), I invested in a Macbook (it’s silver, but I’m trying to look past it).  I have become more mature in my technology tastes opting for silver or white, and I picked my DSLR because it was the best, even though it’s a dark and boring black.  I now pick function over fashion… with the exception of my Kate Spade iPad case that is so pretty but keeps falling part… but it’s soooo pretty!

Technology aside, I recently realized while filming my July Beauty Favorites, that my two favorite mascaras come in pearly pink tubes.  That’s when I got to thinking, there’s a lot of makeup that I love that comes in pretty rose packaging.  Since I’m a sucker for pink and for great packaging, I thought I would share my favorites…. (more…)

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