Imagine a younger, friendlier Martha Stewart, that you can relate to and would actually want to hang out with.  That’s Lauren Conrad.

In last week’s book review I gave my thoughts on Kristin Cavallari’s book, Balancing in Heels, and confessed that I had never watched an episode of The Hills.  So it’s a bit ironic that this week I’m reviewing a book by another Hills alum.

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Lauren Conrad Celebrate Review

Celebrate is basically a party planning book, with tips for being a perfect hostess with the mostest.  She has general tips in the beginning, and then each chapter is dedicated to a different type of party that Lauren has planned.

I initially picked up Celebrate because I heard there was a chapter in it about wedding planning.  I know Lauren got married recently, and I had been getting wedding planning tips from her website, so I was excited to get more from her book.
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I don’t know if the wedding chapter was as helpful as I was hoping.  I’m already deep into planning, but I do think her tips would be great for brides who are just staring the planning process.

For someone like me who does absolutely zero entertaining… that may change when I have my own home, but for now, nada…. I seem to have a huge collection of books about entertaining.  I’ve read Martha Stewart’s book, Pippa Middleton’s, and even Tori Spelling’s (which was actually better than I expected).  So I may be the most informed non-hostess ever.  Basically, I think I have read enough books to safely say that I really enjoyed Lauren’s book and have it mean something.
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Lauren is, well, nice.  She seems sweet and genuine.  You can tell she is a perfectionist, a la Martha Stewart.  However, she is much more relatable.  She actually makes you feel like you could pull of a party like she can (whether or not we really can is still up for debate).

So would I recommend this book?

If you’re an entertaining novice and need some help, then yes.

If you’re an entertaining pro and need some inspiration, then sure.

If you’re a Martha Stewart fan girl, who can’t handle a laid back California cool party, then probably not.

Have you read Lauren Conrad Celebrate?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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