The Perfect White T Shirt For A Full Bust

For the average person a little white t is an easy wardrobe staple that you throw on and never give a second thought.  However, for those of us top heavy ladies, it can be a frightening mess of unflattering shapes and bulges in all the wrong places.  I have collected some top tips for all my apple, strawberry, and inverted triangle shaped sistas on how to pick the perfect little white t-shirt…

Find the perfect bra.  They call them t-shirt bras for a reason.  I know if can be difficult to get just the right fit when you’re over a DD, but it may be the most important thing you can do for your wardrobe.  So invest in the time and money on the perfect bra and you’ll never regret it!

White T Top Half

Look for and open neckline.  Save the high necklines for the small busted ladies.. a v-neck or a scoop will be much for flattering for us curvy girls.

White T Upper Body

Find the right fit.  Think of yourself as Goldilocks… not too tight, not too loose.. find one that’s juuust right.

Go for a longer length.  Our t-shirts have farther to travel over a larger bust line, so look for ones that have a little length.  While I subscribe to the fashion rule that there are no rules, crop tops are not likely to be the most flattering on a full bust.

White T Full

Experiment with the waist.  I tucked mine in to emphasize the waist.  You can try tucking in just the side for an asymmetrical line that could be very flattering, or maybe tuck in the front for a trendy 90s look.  If the t-shirt is fitted just right you can leave it untucked for a smooth line.  Try different looks and see what you feel best in.

Try some layers.  It may seem counterintuitive to put more clothing on an area that is already your biggest feature, but hear me out.  Some t-shirt can be very thin (and even more so on those of us that make them stretch in certain places.)  I always layer a tank under my t’s.  Sometimes it’s a shape wear tank, or sometimes just a regular one.  But either way, I feel like it gives me a little more coverage, and smoothes out any areas that need smoothing.

White T Bottom Half

This look:

Are you a full busted babe?  Are there any t-shirt tips you’d like to share?  Is there an article of clothing that you’re afraid to wear because of your bust line?


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  • YES TO THIS! I’m a DD and it’s always a struggling finding tops that fit correctly. I always struggle with cleaving too much for comfort! I wear a lot of cami’s under my v-necks to help cover up. Love how you styled this post!

    • Thanks so much!! It’s nice to know I’m not alone 🙂

  • Amy Kukta

    This is such a challenge! I’m so glad you mentioned the bra issue. The struggle is real! Where do yo find your fabulous bras? I have found the best bras for us busty gals at Lady Grace and Layne Bryant. It actually got more difficult when I lost a little weight and went from being a DD to a DDD (my rib/band size decreased but my cup size didn’t- it seems counterintuitive but that’s what happened) and couldn’t find bras anywhere. That’s when I discovered Lady Grace. Anyway- there’s nothing as great as a well fitted t-shirt. Now if you could come up with some tips to keep me from spilling coffee on myself, maybe I’d wear white!

    • I have the same problem, small band size but full cup size. I’ve been ordering all my bras from They have a wide selection, and you can search by size. They constantly offer sales and coupons too!

  • Love x 1000000

    I think we have very similar body-types. You always look great. I need to work on my every day fashion creativity.

  • Biana Perez

    Having a great fitting bra can literally transform your entire look – love this on you! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • love this look! and love that you’re so thoughtful, this would be a great tip to those with full ‘girls’ 😉


    • Thanks!! I want to help everyone feel beautiful.. the struggle is real 🙂

  • Yes, I hear ya!! The white crew neck t-shirt does NOT flatter us busty girls, so the v-neck is a must!

    Fellow Ala Mode Gal,

    • Definitely… took me way to long to learn that lesson 🙂

  • Great post xx

  • Wow lots of great tips, I’ve never thought about it before. But it is really hard to find a t-shirt in any color being a top heavy gal. Do you have any brands you recommend?


    • I go through tee’s like water, so I like affordable brands. This tee is from Forever 21, and I’ve been happy with it. I’ve shopped for tees at Old Navy, but they are hit or miss as far as shape and quality.

  • The Losing Struggle

    V-necks also work fine for me.
    Indeed a good bra is essential, the ‘Twist’-line by Primadonna is the best option for me.
    Great article, super that you share this with everyone.

    Celien | The Losing Struggle
    If you’d like to follow each other on Bloglovin, just comment on my blogposts and let me know!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check out that bra! 🙂

  • Amber Girlbehindthechair

    I’m a total pear small chested lady, but I gotta say you look amazing!