Lana Del Rey makeup look tutorial

I have a little history with Lana Del Rey…. well not her, but her fans.  Last awards show season, E! Fashion Police tweeted a pic of Lana on a Red Carpet with a joke about her outfit.  As a comedian and fashionista, I tweeted a tag to the joke (‘tag” is a technical comedy term, but it just means adding a little funny line after a joke).  The truth is, I like Lana.  I love her look, and her dress was not that bad… but I’m a comedian when I’m not beauty blogging, and I thought of a funny line, so I went for it.  Apparently, Lana has some very devoted fans on Twitter, and I got a lot of hate tweets.  I thought it was a little bit of an over reaction considering that what I said was not that insulting, but I wanted to make it up to Lana fans…. and show my admiration for her look… buy making a makeup tutorial.  I’m using her actual favorite lip color… and it is my new favorite nude color!

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Also, I’m trying something new with my editing and I’d love to know what you think.  I just thought I would change it up from my usual talk-through.

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For details on how I do my base makeup click here

Lana Makeup Products

These are the products I used:

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The song I used can be found here…. and my earrings are from BaubleBar

Lana Makeup Lipstick

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