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Month: April 2015

Spring Lipliner and Lip Color Combos

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner East End Snob Enchantment,  Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain Honey Smitten

Lipliner has been scarce for a while.  It made a huge splash in the 90s and then disappeared (much like Vanilla Ice’s career).  In the 90s, lipliner and/or lipsatin was IT for all the total Bettys, and lipstick was so “whatever” (places hands in the shape of a W)…. these are Clueless references, if you haven’t seen the movie find it on Netflix immediately…. as if…. (more…)

My Current Favorite Workouts

Workout Gear

It’s that time of year again… the time when the weather gets warmer and we all start wearing less and less clothing.  If that’s not motivation enough to workout, I don’t know what is.  I’ll be doing a whole video very soon talking about my fitness journey and some tips I’ve learned along the way, but I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite workouts.  I’m a huge fan of Mari Winsor’s pilates DVDs (she trains Dita Von Teese, so of course I’m a fan)…. but after a while I needed to switch it up.  I love my dance classes, so I decided to try the Ballet Beautiful DVDs.  They are very challenging (despite appearing easy at first), but after a while they just feel like a great workout.  I actually get excited to start my day with them. (more…)

Forget Jackie or Marilyn… Are you a Joan or a Peggy?

Image via tv.com
Image via tv.com

If you’re a Mad Men freak like me, you’re probably psyched that it’s finally back (and sad that it will soon be over).  Last Sunday’s episode was really just setting up the characters for the final episodes, but one scene between Joan and Peggy really got me thinking.

I have always identified with Joan in a way.  We’re not exactly alike….but we have very similar body types, and I really identify with her when she gets treated differently by men.  They flirt and make comments but never really respect her because they just see her as a set of boobs (when it’s really the guys who are the boobs, ladies, m’right?).

Only making things worse, Joan never gets to have a camaraderie with women because they are envious of the way men look at her (ironically, because it feels more degrading than flattering most of the time).

Peggy makes a comment that Joan would be treated differently if she dressed differently.  That really got me going…. Joan’s outfits are stylish and office appropriate.  Even if she dressed like Peggy, she would still get attention… it’s just how she is built.  Some women are just built with a fuller bust (I’m not going to defend women who bought their boobs, sorry ladies, you’re on your own)…. but those of us who grew them ourselves did not choose to… yet we get treated as if we only went through puberty for the attention.

Now, at this stage you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy for expecting anyone to sympathize with a gorgeous woman with curves-for-days… but the truth is, Joan doesn’t have a friend on either side.  Men only see her for sex… they won’t do business with her, and they won’t marry her (well one did, but he was a loser).  On the flipside, women only see her as competition and not as a friend.

Note: The ironic thing is, men are not lining up to marry Joan or Peggy… they marry the stick-straight size zero Bettys and Megans…. those are the women we should gang up against… kidding… well maybe….

What I’m saying is, instead of seeing other women as the enemy, or being envious of their bodies or their life, we should support each other.  I have a lot of theories about what may happen to the characters of Mad Men… but I really hope Joan ends up happy… (and Christina Hendricks has a long and successful career, we need more women like her in Hollywood)… and she finally finds a friend

I’d love to hear you thoughts…

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Spring Goals 2015

Spring Crocuses
These are from last year…. I SOOO wish they were here this year already!


While its officially Spring on the calendar, here in New England it just barely looks like it.  I have never wanted Spring more than I do this year (and if you live anywhere in the Northeast you know why).  Every season I try to set some goals for myself, no necessarily serious stuff, but some fun stuff that I really want to enjoy in the upcoming season.  I’m always amazed that when I put my goals in writing, so many more of them actually happen. So I encourage you to make a written list of your Spring goals…. here are mine….. (more…)

Glamorous Easter Tablescape

Easter Table 3

Easter Sunday is this weekend, so I wanted to share with you my Pink & Gold Glamour Easter Tablescape….. You may recognize some of the accessories from my Valentine’s Table and my Oscar Table.  I added a few new editions to my tablescape collection, including my adorable cream and gold bunnies from Target and my gorgeous silvery/gold standing eggs from Pier One (I found them when I went there to pick up my new mirror for my bathroom makeover… I’ll be posting about that soon!)….. (more…)

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