Boston Blogger Holiday Event

This past Saturday I attended a Boston Blogger event sponsored by Wayfair.  I learned so much that day (including that I am capable of getting to Boston by 9:30 in the morning… although I may need a week to recover from that).  It was my first blogger event and I really had no idea what to expect.  Kate and Alison of Boston Bloggers are such nice people, and the whole Wayfair team could not have been more gracious.  There were guest speakers, DIY tutorials, and SEO sessions.  I will be blogging a lot more about this event in the coming weeks leading up to the holidays, but I wanted to share with you some pictures from the event.  My intention was to take a bunch of Instagram pics, but unfortunately my phone died halfway though the event and my backup charger failed me as well.  Luckily I had my camera with me, and I did get a few instagram shots in the first part of the day.  I have to admit it was very cool to be in a place where people don’t look at you funny when you pull out a big camera and start snapping pictures… it’s actually expected.  So here are some highlights of the day….

We learned so very cute DIY gift tags using shower rings, paint samples, glitter, and tassels Boston Blogger Holiday Event 2 Boston Blogger Holiday Event 3
We also learned to make very easy DIY banners….

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 7

I was immediately drawn to the gold fabric… what can I say, I’m a sucker for glitz…

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 6 I may have been the only one who ignored to glue and tried my hand at sewing (my home-ec teacher Grandmother would be proud)

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 4 Boston Blogger Holiday Event 5 I hung my banner on the back of the dining room chair to show it off to my family…

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 17 We also had a great and very informative session with Abby Larson from about creating tablescapes and photographing them.  I was so inspired by this…. I’m already brainstorming my Christmas tablescape…

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 9 Boston Blogger Holiday Event 11 Boston Blogger Holiday Event 10 Boston Blogger Holiday Event 12 The day ended with a cocktail hour with wine…

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 13 …and we all received and early Christmas present from Wayfair….

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 14

I opened mine when I got home and I was so excited to find an Elephant Organizer.  All of the gifts were different and we picked them at random.  I can always use more organization, so I was excited to use this for my clutches…..

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 18 It’s also interesting that elephants have seemed to pop up a lot in my life as a symbol… I’m going to have to see if that means something…. (Google time!)

I got so much inspiration from this event, including food tips, and general observations!  I will be posting more about this event in future post, so be sure to stay tuned!



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    • Sarah Blodgett
      November 12, 2014 at 11:42 am (8 years ago)

      It really was!

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