Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange

Over the years my weight has fluctuated more than Oprah’s. Once I discovered how to lose weight, the challenge became how to keep it off.  I realized recently that my weight has been getting a little higher than I’m comfortable.  I’m not necessarily overweight for my height, but since I have been at an unhealthy weight before, I am sensitive to it and I want to catch myself before it gets out of hand.  I needed motivation to get started.  I don’t have any major events on the calendar… so I decided to create one… Red Carpet Season…
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Now I am not actually going to be walking a red carpet this year (unless Clooney’s new wife is sick and he needs a date, of course), but I have been doing a Red Carpet Fashion commentary show on YouTube for the past few Award Seasons. The show is called The Carpet & the Drapes and it takes a humorous, Fashion Police style look at Red Carpet fashions.  I wasn’t sure I was going to bring the show back this year (I have been trying to put all my time and energy into Everyday Starlet), but after the passing of Fashion/Comedy legend Joan Rivers I decided that I really wanted to bring the show back.

I don’t REALLY need to get in shape for the show. After all, I’m only seen from the shoulders up, but if celebrities are getting red carpet ready then why shouldn’t the rest of us.  So I am creating a 3 month fitness/diet/beauty plan for Jan 11, which is the Golden Globes and the kick-off of Red Carpet Season.  Each month I am going to share with you my goals for the month.  Here are this month’s tasks…
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  • I’m cutting all cow’s milk dairy. This is more for my health and to ward off cold and seasonal allergies.
  • Green smoothies every morning. I already do this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • Drink lots of water. I know all the health benefits, but sometime I slack off the liquids.
  • No Chocolate.  For some of you this may seem impossible, but I’m not really a sweets girl anyway.  I sometimes indulge in chocolate, but I have noticed that I seem to have breakouts whenever I eat chocolate.  So I’m going to try to avoid it altogether.


  • I’m getting more dedicated to my workouts and focusing on 3 upper body workouts a week. The upper body is what gets seen dresses (and on my videos), and it’s also my problem area.  I’m also focused on my core (my other problem area).
  • I’m also going to try to fit cardio into my schedule at least 4-5 times a week.
  • I already taking and teaching dance classes, but I like to think of those as a bonus workout.
  • I also want to try working out with a neoprene waist cincher. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but they hold you in like a corset so they feel very pin-up.


  • Weekly Spa Manicure
  • Weekly clay mask on back to limit breakouts
  • Use Rapid Lash treatments and almond oil on my eyelashes every night
  • Try to grow out eye brows so I can reshape them
  • Do regular at-home pedicures
  • Alternate Shampoos so my hair doesn’t get too used to one particular one
  • Do a weekly protein treatment for my hair
  • Use a hair deep conditioning mask weekly
  • Try to limit heat styling my hair
  • Exfoliate face 2x a week
  • Run humidifier while I’m sleeping

Do you have any big events coming up? Will you get red carpet ready?
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