This is the final week of our Starlet Closet project (here are Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 if you’d like to start from scratch).  Last week we went shopping.  So this week we focus on how to organize our fabulous wardrobe in our closet.  I will admit that right now I do not have my dream closet.  I am currently living with my parents and my childhood bedroom has morphed into a closet.  Someday I hope to have a whole room that I can convert into a glamorous Starlet dressing room.  But for now, here are some of my top tips for organizing your closet…

Use all the same hangers.  I fought this for the longest time.  I couldn’t justify buying hangers when there were so many around the house.  Some came with the clothes, some were from the dry cleaner, and others… well, I don’t know where they came from.  But I recently broke down and bought these thin felt hangers, and they not only look great, but they take up less space, hold the clothes better, and just make the whole closet look less cluttered.
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closet organizing hangers

Be sure to have some shelf space.  Shelves are perfect for folding sweaters (don’t hang knits, it will stretch them out), keeping pretty hat boxes with hats or accessories, and keeping a box of personal stylist kit supplies.

Closet Organizing stylist kit hat boxes sweaters
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For stubborn clutches, try a mail organizer.

Closet organizing clutches purses

Someday I hope to have a wall of shoes… for now I use a shoe rack and display my favorite heels.

closet organizing shoes

If you have a lot of hair clips and hair flowers like me, I took and old scarf that I wasn’t using, draped on my shoe rack, and clipped all my flowers to it.  It keeps my hair accessories in one place and adds some color to my room.

Closet organizing flowers hair accessories

I found this adorable necklace holder at The Container Store, it feels very Hollywood Regency, and I use a basket to hold my wide belts.

Closet Organizing necklaces belts

Do you have any favorite closet organizing tips?



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