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Lipstick Wardrobe

Most Starlets would feel naked without lipstick.  Most glamour girls have a signature lip color they love, but it’s important to have a lipstick wardrobe so that you are prepared for any occasion.

First, we have the essentials…


Getty Images
Getty Images

Pink (more…)

George Clooney’s Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding

Modern day Cary Grant, George Clooney, is a married man… cue the tears of single women all over the world.  Clooney oozes Old Hollywood Glamour at all times and his wedding was no exception.  The wedding photo is on the cover of the latest People magazine.


Grace Kelly is also on the cover, which is ironic because Clooney’s bride wore a dress that had the elegance of Ms. Kelly (more…)

Classic Recipe: Waldorf Salad

Traditional Waldorf Salad Recipe

Starlet’s love the classics… whether it’s fashion, beauty, film, or recipes.  My mother used to make Waldorf salads all the time when I was a little Starlet.  She used Miracle Whip as a substitute for mayonnaise.  So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the original Waldorf Salad recipe didn’t contain mayo at all.  I took this original recipe, I roasted the walnuts instead of using candies walnuts (they have less sugar and still have a ton of flavor), and skipped the celery (personal preference).  It was a fun Fall lunch perfect for a Starlet! (more…)

How to Get Old Hollywood Starlet EyeBrows

How to get Old Hollywood Starlet Eyebrows

Eyebrow shape is crucial to framing the face.  Over the years brows have been thick and wild, shaved off and drawn on in a thin line, and everywhere in between.  Personally, I like mine somewhere in between.  I think a shaped, groomed arch is the most flattering for the majority of women.  So here are my tips for getting a glamorous set of brows….

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Silver Screen Style: Pal Joey

It’s rare to have two Bombshells in one film, let alone two Bombshells and a Sinatra… but Pal Joey is a film that fits the bill.  It has classic songs, beautiful dancing…. And then there’s the fashion.  No other film gives tribute to the classic sweater/pencil skirt combo like Kim Novak in this musical.  That, combined with Rita Hayworth as a rich socialite, and you have wardrobe inspiration that can even be worn today…

Kim Novak

Kim Novack Pal Joey Blue Purple Sweater


Fall/Winter 2014: Starlet Approved Trends

Starlets don’t typically follow trends.  If you look at many Old Hollywood Starlets, they are dressed in timeless fashion that could be worn in any era.  However, Starlets love to follow fashion, and each season there are usually a few trends that catch her eye.  So here are some of this season’s Starlet approved trends…

Fall/Winter Pastels

Fall Winter Pastels

T-Strap Heels (more…)

Dark Florals For Every Personality

ModCloth dress dark floral 4 differnt looks

I’ve been hearing that dark florals are going to be big for Fall.  In my opinion they are timeless, seasonless, and ageless.  So I decided to take this ModCloth dress and style it 4 different ways, to show how versatile this basic dress is.  This was especially challenging for me because this dress is actually navy and I usually wear black.


This is my favorite look.  It’s very Grace Kelly/Betty Draper.  I paired this dress with pearl earrings, nude pumps, and a classic straw purse.  I finished this look with a peachy pink lipstick.  This is a great look for work or a special luncheon. (more…)

DIY Cocktail Glass Earrings

DIY Champagne Martini Cointreau Sidecar Cocktail Glass Earrings

Over the holidays Dita Von Teese did a video with Cointreau showing some easy and delicious party cocktails (you can see it here).  In the video show wore some gorgeous cocktail glass earrings (no doubt a tribute to her martini glass burlesque act).  I searched everywhere for these earrings but to no avail… so I decided to make my own.  Nothing like a little DIY project to get Starlet style on a budget.

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Here are the supplies that are used (I found the best Swarovski bead selection at JoAnne Fabrics, and the cone beads for the cup part of the glasses I found on Ebay). (more…)

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