Ever since I read in Dita Von Teese’s book Your Beauty Mark that Dita makes homemade Petit Fours, I have been dying to make some. But I wanted to make a low carb version since I have drastically cut my sugar intake. 

These came out more rustic than I anticipated… I think I needed to thin out the coating icing. However, a past attempt at making Petit Fours and having the icing all just dip off into a puddle made me a little apprehensive.

The original recipe I used as a guide was from The Food Network.

I replaced the cake with Swerve Vanilla Cake Mix, 2 boxes. I followed the recipe on the box, but I had to play around with cooking times because I baked them in a double stacked baking sheet like the original recipe. I also used both Vanilla & Almond extract to give it more almond flavor….. and I used Stonewall Kitchen Seedless Raspberry Jam as a filling.

For the Coating Icing I used Choczero White Chocolate Chips, Swerve Confectioners, and Choczero Vanilla Syrup (in place of the corn syrup). 

I attempted the royal icing flowers, but I ended up ditching them because the just didn’t work… my cake decorating skills are a little rusty.

They didn’t come out looking exactly like I hoped, but they are absolutely delicious and sweet without those annoying blood sugar spikes.

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