How to Dress for a Drag Queen Competition

I have obsessed over fashion magazines, blogs, and style guides since I was first able to read (okay, okay, they didn’t have blogs back then, but I’m trying not to feel old).  I have read tips about dressing for a beach wedding, a winter wedding, a beach Winter wedding, a business casual job in Autumn, and a formal Christmas dance in July. But I have never once read any tips for how to dress when you are a straight women asked to judge a comedy drag competition at a Rhode Island gay bar in Springtime.  Apparently that one got over looked.

So when I was presented with this fashion situation, I was on my own.  Inspired by an outfit I saw on Hello October, I decided to go for a menswear inspired look.  I figured if the men were wearing dresses, I should wear the opposite.

Between the weather and timing I didn’t get any decent OOTD photos, but you can see my whole look and highlights of the night on my vlog…..
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