How to Stay Health Through the Holidays: Health, Food, & Fitness Tips

It’s always been my belief that when you look good, you feel good.  I don’t mean that you look good to other people, but that you look good to yourself (you’re the one that matters, right!?).

A huge part of looking and feeling good is exercise.  With such busy lives, it can be so easy to skip your workouts.   When I need a boost of motivation, I get myself a new fitness outfit.  If I have to sweat, I might as well look cute doing it.  Typically, I get so excited about wearing my new fashionable workout clothes, I can then translate that momentum into a workout.
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It’s not a new idea.  Women have been stylin’ in workout wear from years.  That’s why I was so excited to see this video showing women’s workout style over the years.  It’s also fun to see they different types of workouts, and equipment that were popular in each decade!

Check out this video from Mode Media taking a look at 100 Years of Workout Style…

Now, I want to know… What’s Your Workout Style?

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