Matte About You: All Matte Makeup Look

This week’s prompt for the Makeup Mixup with Jaelan and Miranda is Matte About You.  I had to pry myself away from the shimmer, but I did a completely matte makeup look, and I actually love the way it came out!

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I know the song Mellow Yellow has nothing to do with this look, but when I thought about “Matte About You” this song kept popping into my head. This song brings me back to days I used to go with my Dad to a local pizza place to pick up dinner.  He would buy me a Mellow Yellow (it’s a soda, for you young kids) while we waited for the pizza and my Dad would sing this song the whole way home.  I have a ton of “naive Sarah stories”, but one of my favorites is this: The most popular brand of pizza oven is a Blodgett oven (but it’s no relation to me).  I asked my Dad one day why the pizza ovens had our name on them, and he told me it’s because they were making pizzas just for me.  Of course I believed him, because what 6 year old doesn’t believe her father… is it any wonder I have a Starlet complex!

Here’s what I used for this look…

Note: my lips have tissue bits on them, noticed them too late and I tried editing them out but to no avail

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