Modern Betty Draper makeup look tutorial, Mad Men finale, 60s makeup

I’m getting chatty about the Mad Men Finale… while doing a modern day Betty Draper makeup look…

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Modern Betty Draper Makeup look tutorial, Mad Men Finale, 60s makeup



Are you going to miss Mad Men?  What did you think about the finale?

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  • I need you to do a makeup lesson with me! We pretty much have the same coloring, though I am more freckly 😉

  • RuthyB1

    Great post, that blush is absolutely beautiful!

  • Beautiful makeup look!

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

  • Hanna The Veganarian

    I just found your post, buuuut i still havent seen the last series (i know, i know, keep up!!) So i had to jump bits! Beautiful look, and im going to have a bit of a read through your other posts now!

    • Thanks so much!! Your gonna love the last episode!!! 🙂