How do I love tea… let me count the ways…

I’ve never been much of a coffee person.  I don’t find it glamorous, and it gives me anxiety.  But give me a luxurious cup of tea any day!

Coffee is associated with rushing around and trying to stay awake at work…. but tea… ah tea… Tea is associated with pampering yourself.  Each cup is like a nice warm bath. nexium 20mg

Many teas have health benefits… but I find the best thing about a nice sweet or minty cup of tea after a meal is that it’s the perfect substitute for dessert…. okay, so it’s not EXACTLY like dessert, but I’ve noticed it’s a way to trigger my brain into realizing my meal is done.  Since I’ve started ending my meals with tea, I’ve noticed I’m not running around looking for a noche after I’ve just eaten (yes, I used to do that ALL the time). premarin 0.625mg

Tea also keeps you warm… and many people confuse being cold for being hungry (that may be why we all gain Winter weight).

Tea also have an elegance to it.  It makes you feel like a sophisticated lady (even if you’re just in your flannel pjs). plavix 75mg

Are you a tea drinker?  What are you favorite teas?  What is your favorite way to enjoy a cup?

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