How to clean makeup brushes

I made a New Years Resolution that I would stop using my fingers to apply my makeup all the time and start using some makeup tools.  I have to say, this was one resolution I was happy to keep… especially with so many fun makeup brushes out there.  It was like discovering a whole new world!

Of course, cleaning my brushes was a whole new thing for me.  It’s so much easier to just wash your hands after you finish with your makeup.  I tried several different techniques for brush cleaning, but I’ve finally found a way that works for me.  I ordered a Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.  It’s this mitt that you put on your hand, and it has all these different textures.  You just have to add soap and water (I like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for my brushes, they’re affordable and a natural option), and rub your brushes on different areas of the mitt.  It really gets my brushes clean!

Sigma Spa Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

Note: For my beloved Beauty Blender I use the special Blender Cleanser.  It works wonders on getting foundation out of that beautiful little makeup sponge!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

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  • Mina Murray

    I use Atomic Cosmetics’ Brush Cleaner, also Squeaky Clean Spray to disinfect my makeup.

  • Jessica Cox Valade

    My makeup brush cleaning routine is identical to yours lol – Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap, Sigma spa mitt, and Beauty Blender solid. I also use a spot cleaner daily, just to keep them usable a little longer in between washes lol.

  • MissBlaise

    Thanks for this post. I really need to clean my brushes.

  • The method I like to use the best is this:
    I take about a quarter sized amount of Purity by Philosophy, and I rub each brush in it. I then rinse each brush with warm water and dry with a clean towel. In a pinch, I’ve soaked the brushes in eye makeup remover (I don’t usually wear much foundation, and I usually use my fingers to apply my CC cream), then rinsed with warm water and dried with a clean towel.
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    • everydaystarlet

      Great routine!!!