Holiday Party Look Teal Midi Dress gold pink earrings strappy heels Forever 21 Ivanka Trump

The abundance of Christmas decorations and Christmas made-for-tv movies being forced upon me reminds me that holiday season is here.  It has inspired me to try out some new party looks for the massive (if 1 or 2 is considered massive) number of party invitations I receive every year.  I found this teal midi dress at Forever 21, and I loved that it was a modest length with coverage on top but yet still managed to be sexy.  It is so sexy in fact that my mother dubbed it too “hoochie” to wear to meet my boyfriend’s grandparents…. (I wore this dress instead).  I paired this teal number with pink and gold earrings (also from Forever 21), and a metallic gold bow purse that I’ve had for years.  All that combined with my Ivanka Trump strappy heels (also seen here) make this a sexy yet comfortable holiday look….

Forever 21 Teal Midi Dress Metallic Bow Purse Forever 21 gold pink earrings

I also played with my new tapered curling iron and I’m loving my new waves!

Teal close Teal side close



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