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Month: October 2014

How to do an At Home Spa Manicure

At home spa manicure

The weather is getting colder, which mean hands are getting dryer.  My hands used to be naturally soft without much effort. The last few years my hands have been getting drier and drier. So I have created this spa manicure that anyone can do at home to keep my hands looking young and smooth….

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George Clooney’s Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding

Modern day Cary Grant, George Clooney, is a married man… cue the tears of single women all over the world.  Clooney oozes Old Hollywood Glamour at all times and his wedding was no exception.  The wedding photo is on the cover of the latest People magazine.


Grace Kelly is also on the cover, which is ironic because Clooney’s bride wore a dress that had the elegance of Ms. Kelly (more…)

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