Drugstore Retro Glam, Bombshell, Pin up Girl, Cat Eyes Mascara Review

I’m a sucker for a product name… and with so many Old Hollywood themed mascara names, I thought I would compare them and see which one has the Everyday Starlet seal of approval…

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Drugstore Rimmel Retro Glam, Cover Girl Bombshell, NYX Pin up Girl, Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Mascara’s from left to right…

  • Rimmel
  • Retro Glam
  • Cover Girl Bombshell
  • NYX Pin-up Girl
  • Maybelline Cat Eyes

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Live Life

There’s nothing like the Day of the Dead and All Hallow’s Eve that gets you thinking about, well, death… but in a festive way. The all-out do everything you want to do, be everything you want to be, no matter how fantasical or insane. Then there are the people who lived the fullest, who touched our lives, made life for a lot of people better. This week as the fashion industry mourns the passing of Oscar de la Renta, we just have to stop and think for a second. How are we going to make our lives the most well-lived we can?

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