Everyday Starlet

Month: September 2014

Starlet Closet: Cleaning

September is fashion month on Everyday Starlet, so I thought this would be the perfect time to clean out my closet.  The whole month I will be posting fashion related content, but every Tuesday I will be posting closet tips.  I’d like to invite you to follow along with me and by the end of the month we will all have (or be closer to) a perfect Starlet wardrobe.  This week is all about cleaning out your closet.

Closet Before

Take everything out and try it on (ideally with the proper undergarments) and see what fits you.  I know a lot of closet gurus will tell you to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you right now…. However, I fluctuate weight frequently, so I keep a few various sizes of clothing for thin and thick days.  But if you have clothes that are several sizes too big or too small, you may want to consider letting them go. (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Boston Cream Pie

Gluten Free Dairy Free Boston Cream Pie

The other night I was watching TV with my boyfriend, PET (those are his initials, and no, he doesn’t like it when I call him my pet).  We started watching an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Cooking Channel, and the episode was dedicated to regional dishes.  PET got so excited that his home state of Rhode Island was being represented by their wieners (don’t call them hot dogs, Rhode Islanders don’t like that).

My home state of Massachusetts was represented by the Boston Cream Pie.  Now Boston Cream Pie is not a pie, it’s a cake…and before you go judging, just remember that New England is buried in snow and ice most of the year so we’re a little cuckoo around these parts.

Typically it’s two white cakes with a custard in between and a chocolate ganache or frosting on top… so I guess you could say it’s more of a sandwich than a pie…. maybe we should call it a Boston Cream Cake Sandwich?  Anyway, PET suggested I make one, so I set off on a quest to make my own version.  (more…)

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