Denim is not usually a Starlet’s first fashion choice. However, when worn fitted, cuffed and with a classic white shirt it can be a chic casual choice.  No one rocked denim like Marilyn Monroe.  So I grabbed my jean by The Limited, a classic white shirt by New York & Co (also seen here in this Elizabeth Taylor inspired look), and my Forever 21 boots and tried to recreate some of Marilyn’s classic looks.

Marilyn Monroe ootd outfit inspiration Denim white shirt boots

Marilyn Monroe photo outfit inspiration Denim white shirt boots

This is the perfect look for a crisp Fall-like weekend!



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  • Mel
  • Lady B

    You nailed the look hon! Since I discovered vintage in mind 20s I haven’t worn jeans. I am now in my early 30s so it means about a decade of not denim! I will never go back but I can still appreciate it. There is something classically crisp about the white shirt and denim combo! Its also nice to see Marilyn in these ‘I’m an every kind of gal’ combo’s, without the vava-voom makeup and gladrags on (which ofcourse, I love as well!)

    • Thanks so much! I have been wearing less and less denim, but I haven’t been able to completely cut it out of my wardrobe. I definitely don’t wear it often, partly because I prefer skirts and dresses, and partly because it’s so hard to find a pair that fits properly.