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Month: August 2014

Retro Recipe Redo: Cod Cakes

Retro Recipe Redo Gluten Free Quinoa Cod Cakes

Even though I have lived in New England all my life, it has taken me most of that time to grow an appreciation for seafood.  Fish has just never been my thing… until recently.  After trying it on several trips to Cape Cod, I have acquired a taste for white fish, and I especially love it fried (which is not so great for my waistline).  So I have been trying white fish in different ways, and so far these Cod Cakes are my favorite.  I adapted this recipe for quinoa salmon cakes, but I substituted freshly sautéed cod for the canned salmon.  The use of quinoa makes them gluten-free, and since they are just pan fried they are lower in fat than a deep fried fish dinner. One bite and I am completely transported to a summer breeze on Cape Cod… (more…)

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