Stay Glamorous When Youre Not Feeling Well

This time of year can be overwhelming with colds/flu/allergies, and sometime they get so bad that all you can do is stay home.  But how do you stay an Everyday Starlet when you just feel like curling back under the covers?  Here are some tips…

  • Forget the sweats and stay home in some satin pjs and robe… and don’t forget a satin pillow case.  They feel luxurious and comfortable at the same time.  Mine is from Victoria Secret
  • Pull hair back in a quick updo, headband, or head scarf, like mine from Forever 21 (similar here)
  • Keep a great moisturizer on hand.  Your nose can get dry and red when you have the sniffles.  I use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and my nose never peels even during the worst of allergy season.
  • Lavender scents are calming so try a pillow mist and scented hand soap like mine from Bath and Body Works
  • Sip tea with honey and lemon

Hope you have a sniffle free Spring!



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