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Month: March 2014

The Luck of the Irish

Everyday Starlet would like to wish you a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day…

Here’s hoping you have the luck of the Irish…

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Angela & Roi: Fashion meets Philanthropy

It’s no secret that Starlet’s love fashion… but they also have a heart of gold.  Many Old Hollywood Starlets had charities that they took very seriously.  Brigitte Bardot was and is dedicated to protecting the rights of animals. 

Starlets are notorious for being animal lovers.  As I’ve mentioned before, I suspect many Old Hollywood Starlet’s probably would have been vegetarians and/or vegans had it been more of an accessible diet back then.  I also believe that many Old Hollywood Starlet’s would have been devoted to faux fur and vegan leather, had that been an option in Old Hollywood. 

Khole Kardashian’s faux fur coat is Old Hollywood Glam and animal friendly


In addition to animals, Starlets have been crusaders in human rights.  Elizabeth Taylor was a major voice of HIV/Aids research. 

So any time Philanthropy meets Fashion, Starlets are on board.  That is why I am happy to tell you about Angela & Roi, a handbag company that uses all vegan materials and donates to charities based on the color of the handbag you purchase. 

For example, if you purchase this classy Sunday Wine Tote (which is SOO Gracy Kelly BTW), a portion of the purchase goes to HIV/Aid research



There are so many bags and charities to choose from, be sure to check out the Angela & Roi website for their full selection and details about each charity.  And if you do purchase a bag, post a pic in the comments section and let me know what you think.

Note: I am not getting any payment to endorse this product.  The company reached out to me about posting a blog, and after checking out their website, I thought it would be something that my readers would enjoy.

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Best Dressed at the 2014 Oscars

Not every Starlet goes to the Academy Awards, so if your invitation got lost in the mail don’t worry… the truly cool people watch the Awards at home and then just go to the after-parties.  I watched from home and I was a little disappointed that more of the dresses didn’t wow me (I’m looking at you Amy Adams), but these are my favorite glamour dresses of this year’s Oscars…

E! New Correspondent Giuliana Rancic looked like a fairy princess in her gorgeous gown
And Lupita Nyong’o definitely had a fairy tale moment in this Cinderella inspired look
I was loving Jennifer Garner’s fringe
My new girl crush Chrissy Teigen looked so pretty in floral
Cate Blanchett picked a perfect dress to win an Oscar in
Charlize Theron wowed…as she always does
But my absolute, without a doubt, favorite of the night was Kate Hudson…
My only complaint was that she took the cape off to present… but other than that I was so happy to see Old Hollywood Glamour on the Red Carpet.
Who were your Best and Worst Dressed of the night?

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