Continuing our football themed week in tribute to Sunday’s Superbowl, we have a list of football themed movies with the ladies in mind.  Yes, women can be as into the blood and guts of football as men… but if you’re more of a girly girl, here are some football movies you may enjoy…

The Blind Side
Sandra Bullock’s Oscar winning performance… and proof that blonde’s are winners
The Replacements
This movie is so funny that it’s great if you’re a football fan or not
The Game Plan
The Rock is just sexy… and I was an extra in the stadium scenes (you can’t see me but I like to pretend you can)
Varsity Blues
Yes, it’s a little cheesy, but we could all take some seduction lessons from Ali Larter and her whip cream bikini.
Jerry Maguire
The ultimate chick-flick and football themed… this is a must watch to get in the mood for the Superbowl


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