In Hollywood, stars sped hours in the makeup chair.  Getting ready for the movie of your life should not take that long (only you get bonus points if your makeup chair has your name on the pack like in Old Hollywood days).  Once you have a regular makeup plan down, it shouldn’t take you long at all.
The important thing to remember about makeup is that it should emphasize your own beauty.  It should highlight the things you love about yourself, and downplay the things you like less.  Your makeup should never upstage you.  You are the star after all, not your mascara. 


Base– while many Old Hollywood Starlets wore pancake makeup, for most of us, pancakes belong at IHOP.  If you are taking good care of your skin you probably don’t need a foundation for every day.  However it’s always good to have a good one on hand for occasions when you need to look especially flawless.  Your foundation is the closest to your skin so I definitely recommend going to a cosmetic counter to have an expert help you find your ideal shade and formula.  For every day, just a few dots of concealer where needed, maybe a highlighter under eyes, and some loose powder (applied with a glamorous brush or powder puff).


Cheeks– As a general rule, if you look good in pure white, you look best in cool tones, if you look good in ivory you look best in warm tones.  If you’re a cool you should go with a pink blush, or maybe a lavender.  If you’re a warm, stick with a peachy blush.  If your skin is dry, go for a cream formula.  If your skin is oily, go for a powder. 
Contour/Highlight– you can add bronzer for a sun kissed look, or to contour your face.  You can also add shimmer to highlight areas you want to highlight.  This is more for special occasions than every day.


Shadow– no crazy colors for us, Starlets want their eye color to stand out.  So neutral shades like nudes/ivorys/grays/golds/silvers… maybe a little pastels.


Liner-Starlets love there eyeliners.  You can try any formula from pencils to cake to gel, but when you think Pin-Up Bombshell you think liquid liner cat eye.  Yes, this look can be tricky, and takes a lot of practice.  If you would like to try this look, I suggest practicing at night before you take your makeup off before going to bed.  That way, if you mess up, you’re just removing your makeup anyway.

Mascara– this is a must.  Always curl lashes first, then apply mascara.  This is an everyday essential.  The formula is up to you, but most Starlets have drama in the movie of their lives, so a waterproof or long lasting formula is a must.
Brows– if your brows are well shaped then you just may need a pencil or powder to darken or fill in where they are sparse.  Pick a shade that matches you brow color.


Every Starlet should have a lipstick wardrobe, but she will also usually favor one color.  Every Starlet has a signature lip color.  Marilyn was known for her red lips.  Jayne Mansfield was known for pink kisses.  Brigitte Bardot was known to go nude (on her lips and just in general).


Every Starlet needs a red, pink, and a nude, but the shade of each is dependent on your coloring, either cool or warm.
Many Starlets of the past used lipstick brands that are still around today.  So by all means try the drugstore brands and see which brands/shades suit you. 


If you happen to have a leading man in your life you may want to consider a long lasting formula for your hot and heavy love scenes.  I have tried a few kiss-proof brands and my favorite is Maybelline Superstay 24 Color  I have it in several colors.  One side is a lip stain that will stay on through eating and light smooches.  The other side is a lip balm that you can re-apply throughout the day… and since it’s clear, you don’t even need a mirror to touch up.


Your makeup look should also be appropriate for the time of day and the occasion.  As glamour queen Dita Von Teese says in her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese:

“A lady knows how to wear makeup tastefully for daytime, dramatically for evening, and theatrically for the stage”


Dita also breaks down her everyday beauty routine here.

Stay tuned for our fragrance lesson!
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