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Taco Night with a MargaDita

Taco Night with Mexican Fried Ice Cream and a Cointreau Margarita Margadita

As a little Starlet, I loved taco nights.  Because tacos are so messy to eat, my mother would set up a folding card table that affectionately became known as the “taco table.”  It was because of the messiness that taco nights were rare and because of that, so much more special.  Now, as a full grown Starlet, I enjoy taco salads frequently, but I still have the occasional taco night… now with Margaritas.  Taco nights are such a great dinner for a group because they lend themselves to a buffet and everyone can make their own.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, I used lean ground pork seasoned with a homemade taco seasoning recipe.  Personally I love corn tortillas, but you can use flour tortillas, and really any vegetables (my favorites are lettuce and tomato) and cheese (I used a Mexican blend). (more…)

Potato Chips, Champagne, and The Seven Year Itch

Rosemary Parmesan Truffle Baked Potato Chips, Champagne, and a Marilyn Monroe film,The Seven Year Itch

One of my favorite Marilyn Monroe films (after Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, of course) is The Seven Year Itch.  It’s such a simple film that feels almost like a stage play (probably because it started out as a play).  In the movie, Marilyn indulges in potato chips with champagne.  I decided to do just that, but I had to glam it up.  So I made Homemade Rosemary Parmesan Truffle Baked Potato Chips.  I started with a basic recipe from The Food Network, and substituted the regular olive oil for EVOO with white truffles and added some parmesan… and, of course, some champagne.  The result was sinfully good… just like the film… (more…)

GlamBurger: BBQ Bacon CheeseBurger

GlamBurger BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger Starlets love an All-American burger…. And she loves anything glamorous.  That’s why I decided to glamorize a burger and make it more special.  I started with a ground pork burger (I chose pork because I don’t eat red meat and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, but you can choose and burger you’d like… beef, pork, turkey, chicken, veggie…).  I made my favorite homemade BBQ sauce from Giada on The Food Network, and paired it with pancetta and apple smoked gruyere cheese.  I finished off the burger with a toasted brioche bun.  The result was pure heaven.  So for your next cookout, instead of a boring burger and a beer… why not try a glamburger and a little champagne… (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Caesar Salad

Light Caesar Salad from The Food Network

There is no salad more associated with Old Hollywood than a Caesar Salad.  It was the favorite of many Starlets.  It is also a favorite of my Dad, which is why I decided to make it for Father’s Day. I took a classic Caesar Dressing and made it a little healthier by using this recipe from The Food Network.  This recipe uses yogurt instead of the typical egg.  I omitted the chicken, and made my own croutons by toasting up some French bread.  I used some leftover pancetta and some cherry tomatoes.  The result was delicious… (more…)

Dinner and a Movie: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Tabbouleh Recipe with Quinoa, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan

It’s no secret that I love Brigitte Bardot (what’s not to love)…. So I decided to make an original Bardot recipe that I found online for Tabbouleh.  I tweaked it a little… I used quinoa instead of couscous (I always cook my quinoa in vegetable stock) and I substituted the mint for parsley because the mint in my grocery store didn’t look very good this week.  I’m working on an herb garden to make use fresh herbs easier, but it’s still in its infant stages.  Since Brigitte is such a devoted animal rights activist, it is appropriate that this dish is vegan… but my version is also gluten free… (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Spaghetti Squash with Vegetable Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti Squash with vegtable tomato sauce

Starlets love pasta!  Sophia Loren once famously said, “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”  So I wanted to do a new take on a classic.  This recipe is Gluten free, and vegan (if you omit the sprinkling of parmesan, or use a non-dairy version).  I sometimes add creamy white beans to add some protein.  So feel free to indulge in this luxurious plate of veggies. (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Protein Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Protein Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I’m always on a quest to get more protein in my diet.  I’m a carb addict, so the idea of disguising protein as a carb is definitely appealing.  I have tried flourless pancakes a few different ways, but I’ve found this recipe seems to be the most appealing to me, and its wheat and dairy free (note: if you are avoiding Gluten, check your Oatmeal and Vanilla to make sure it is Gluten Free, and if you are avoiding dairy, check your chocolate chips or omit them altogether).  They are not as light and fluffy as regular pancakes, but I feel so healthy after I eat these that it makes up for it.  They have become my go-to post workout snack.  I sometimes skip the chocolate chips… and I have also tried these with blueberries and they are just as yummy. (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Not So Beefy Wellingtons

Starlet’s love a dish with a title (I learned that from one of my favorite books: The Bombshell Manual of Style).  But many if the decadent dishes of the past were heavy and fattening.  I’ve also mentioned before that many Old Hollywood Starlets were serious animal rights activists and most likely would have been vegetarian had there been vegetarian option back then.  I’ve been wanting to start a series where I take retro recipes and make them new and hopefully healthier.  I wanted to start with a classic Beef Wellington.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend/taste-tester is allergic to poultry, I decided to try a vegetarian version.  I made a variation of this recipe from Virtually Vegan Mama for Portobello Wellingtons.  The recipe is vegan, but I made mine vegetarian using honey instead of date syrup, and I used regular butter and store bought puff pastry.   The critics (and by that, I mean my meat-eating boyfriend and father) loved it.  The Duxelle had so much flavor that no one even missed the meat.

Vegetarian Beef Wellington
Red Wine Glaze using my favorite red wine from Yellow Tail


Starlet Hobbies

You are officially a Starlet, which means your life is a movie.  And your movie would be pretty boring if all you did was sit around and watch TV.  Starlets always seek knowledge.  Think of it as researching for your role in your life movie.  While Starlets tend to choose hobbies that are fitness oriented so she can get a workout in while also having fun.  A Starlet likes to exercise her mind as well.  Here are some hobbies/classes Starlets enjoy:

Art Classes– like life drawing (Starlets love the human form), painting (she loves colors)

Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Literature courses– Starlet’s love learning about great writers and might also write poetry…. She most definitely keeps a journal, and plans to write her memoirs one day. Here are some Starlet reading ideas.

Marilyn Monroe Reading Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass in Bed
Image via http://www.thisismarilyn.com[/caption%5D

Acting classes– whether it’s Stanislavski or a local Improv class, this is the perfect way to add a little theatrics to your life and get you out of your shell.

[caption id="attachment_1331" align="aligncenter" width="514"] Marilyn Monroe Actors Studio Image via http://www.thisismarilyn.com[/caption%5D

Singing– think seductively draped over a piano not drunkenly shouting at karaoke.

[caption id="attachment_1332" align="aligncenter" width="378"] Marilyn Monroe piano Image via delanceydamevintage.wordpress.com

Languages– Starlets dream of traveling to romantic places and speaking romance languages like French and Italian.  Note: watching foreign films with subtitles count as a language lesson.  Bonus it it’s a Brigitte Bardot film.

Brigitte Bardot Bombshell Films

Musical Instruments– Starlets love to make beautiful music whether it is with a guitar, piano, or ukulele

Marilyn Monroe piano Seven Year Itch
Image via http://www.thisismarilyn.com[/caption%5D

Photography– Starlets love to be in photographs, but she also loves taking pictures as well… this is my recreation of a famous Bardot photo

Brigitte Bardot photo recreation

Cooking– Starlets love to eat, and they love to experiment in the kitchen.  Sometimes her experiments don’t work out, but she loves playing with her food… like Brigitte Bardot’s Tabbouleh recipe

Brigitte Bardot Tabbouleh Recipe

Shopping– Starlets love fashion, and especially love to shop vintage.  Nowadays, many Starlets shop online.  Dita Von Teese loves Ebay.com… I’m partial to Etsy.  I found this great vintage find on Etsy.com.

Vintage Rhinestone Lipstick Pill Box 1980

Going out to shows– Whether it’s to the ballet, or the theater, Starlets love a live performance

[caption id="attachment_1334" align="aligncenter" width="420"] This is me at one of my comedy performances This is me at one of my comedy performances

Gardening– flowers, vegetables, herbs… Starlets rarely get down and dirty but she will in a cute gardening outfit

Choose any hobbies that appeal to you, and have a fun weekend!



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