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Retro Recipe Redo: Healthier S’Mores

Healthier Smores, dairy free dessert, marshmallow fluff broiler smores

It just doesn’t feel like Summer until I have s’mores.  But I certainly don’t want to deal with the whole campfire thing (I prefer being indoors, bug-free, with the AC on thankyouverymuch).  I’ve also become averse to marshmallows.  It started with my quest for vegan rice krispie treats.  I read one recipe that said not to Google how they make gelatin, because you’ll never eat a marshmallow again.  I did… and I won’t.  Marshmallow fluff however, is gelatin-free (although it has egg whites and a lot of sugar, so it’s not technically “vegan” or “healthy”… it is a step in the right direction).  In my quest to go dairy-free, I found some vegan chocolate, and organic graham crackers.  I decided to try toasting the fluff under the broiler.  They must be watched very carefully, because the graham crackers can start to burn… but they don’t need much toasting for the fluff to get a crisp crust.  It may not be as healthy as a bowl of fruit, but I like these s’mores even better then the original! (more…)

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Cookies for St. Patrick’s Day

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Cookies for St Patricks Day

I’m sure you’ve all seen the articles circulating Facebook about how unhealthy the Shamrock Shake is for you.  So I set out on a quest to make a St. Patrick’s Day dessert that is healthy and made with whole foods.  Since I’m relatively new on YouTube, I was browsing around for popular channels to Subscribe to, and I found Ingrid Nilsen’s channel (and her other channels including TheGridMonster) and found her recipe for Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies (video here).  I decided to make a variation on these with matcha green tea powder and some lemon zest, to make a green tea cookie.  I also substituted vanilla extract for the almond extract, and omitted the chocolate chips.  The result is heavily (and you can eat the batter because it’s vegan). (more…)

The Ultimate Sexy Dessert: Vegan Ice Cream Sundae

Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free, sexy Valentine's Day Dessert

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I went on a quest to find the sexiest ingredients.  I searched books about seduction and internet sources and I came up with an ultimate sexy ingredient list: Bananas, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Honey, Figs, and Walnuts or Hazelnuts.  This got the wheels in my brain turning.  How could I take these ingredients and make the ultimate sexy dessert? (more…)

Champagne Cocktail

Birthday Champagne Cocktail

My boyfriend and I are a little obsessed with classic cocktails.  He has been on a quest to perfect his Old Fashioned recipe (he has to make it just like Don Draper).  Much to my surprise, I have actually started to enjoy a Crown Royal Old Fashioned… but it’s not exactly a girly drink.  Enter the Champagne Cocktail.  It is very similar to an Old Fashioned, but easier and much more feminine, and I am one of those two things (you better have said feminine).  For special occasions you can break out the fancy champagne, but for a regular evening, sparkling wine will do the trick and will save a ton of money…. (more…)

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Healthy Easy Hot Chocolate recipe vegan Martha Stewart

This time of year practically screams for Hot Chocolate, especially here in New England. I have been trying to avoid dairy and limit my chocolate intake, so I was expecting to avoid the indulgence this year.  However, my cravings got the best of me, and I became determined to find a healthy version of this sinful winter drink.  I found so many options, but I did a variation on this Martha Stewart recipe.  If you like chocolate, but don’t like things overly sweet, this is the drink for you… and it’s super easy and can easily be made vegan….. (more…)

Vegan Cheese Fondue (aka Risotto)

Vegan Fondue Risotto

Warning: the explanation of how I came up with this recipe is a little confusing…my own family still doesn’t really get it…. but they all agreed that this dish is yummy, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.  Here goes… (more…)

Vegan Pecan Maple Rice Krispie Treats

Vegan Pecan Krispie Treats

When I was little, at holiday time here in New England there always seemed to be maple-pecan candy around (I use the term “little” ironically, because the way I ate made me a very not-little child).  The original recipe calls for a lot of ingredients that are not friendly to the waistline.  So I decided to make this vegan version of pecan candies in rice krispie treat form.  The recipe is a variation on a marshmallow-less krispie treat recipe that I made here (this is the original recipe).  Full disclosure: the ones I made are with honey so they are not technically vegan, but you can easily substitute agave if you are a strict vegan. (more…)

A Little Nuts- Easy Spiced Nuts for Holiday Parties

Spiced Nuts for Holiday Parties with 5 spice powder for Fall Thanksgiving Christmas

Holiday season is quickly approaching, and that means spending more time with friends and family.  Some gatherings are planned well in advance, but some end up as last minute affairs.  So it’s always great this time of year to have a few quick and easy recipes for impromptu company.  These spiced nuts fit the bill.  The ingredients have a long shelf life so they are easy to have on hand, and they’re super easy but obviously homemade, so you guests will feel special.  They have a kick but are not too spicy (you never know if your guests have a sensitive palate or not)… but you can experiment with other spices if you prefer (and any type of nuts you like as well).  The 5 spice powder has a very Fall/Holiday scent so it will make your house smell fabulous as well.  (more…)

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes Dairy free wheat free Fall

After a good workout I usually need a snack.  I like to pick something with a lot of protein, and since I usually workout in the morning, protein pancakes really hit the spot.  With Fall in the air I decided to add some pumpkin to my original recipe, and I used pumpkin pie spice for flavor…. (more…)

Classic Recipe: Waldorf Salad

Traditional Waldorf Salad Recipe

Starlet’s love the classics… whether it’s fashion, beauty, film, or recipes.  My mother used to make Waldorf salads all the time when I was a little Starlet.  She used Miracle Whip as a substitute for mayonnaise.  So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the original Waldorf Salad recipe didn’t contain mayo at all.  I took this original recipe, I roasted the walnuts instead of using candies walnuts (they have less sugar and still have a ton of flavor), and skipped the celery (personal preference).  It was a fun Fall lunch perfect for a Starlet! (more…)

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