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Dance Recital/Stage Makeup for Adults and Teens

Dance Recital Makeup products

Dance recitals are not just for little girls any more!  Dance is such a fun way to get a workout for people of any age.  If you’re an adult who is doing a dance recital or any type of stage performance for the first time, or you’re a teen who wants to make the leap from little girl stage makeup and try something a little more grown up… then this is the look for you!

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Sephora VIB Rouge Love + Drugstore Haul

Sephora Rouge Haul

I finally caught a Sephora sale on time!  As a VIB (Very Important Beauty) Rouge level member, I took advantage of their recent 15% off sale… and stopped by some drugstores for some extra makeup goodies!

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Earth Day: Healthy/Eco-Friendly Makeup Product Lines (and a cautionary tale about reading labels)

Healthy Eco Friendly Makeup Cosmetics Products Brands Lines

Earth Day is the perfect day to remind ourselves to check the ingredients in our beauty products.  While no product or line of products is perfect, I wanted to give a shoutout to some lines that I love and that are making the extra effort to make sure they are using quality ingredients that make their products healthier than others (without sacrificing glamour, of course). I’m also sharing a cautionary tale that I hope will inspire you to read your labels!

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