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Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving is all about food and family… so it can be easy to forget about fashion.  But I have to recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit so you can cook, entertain, and still look fabulous (how good you feel may depend entirely on how pleasant your family is).


1 easy and chic updo to keep your hair out of your face (and the food)… mine is just clipped under for a 30s inspired bob, but you can try my quick and easy bun tutorial (more…)

Ulta Beauty Haul + Bonus Hair Haul

Ulta Beauty Haul + Bonus Hair Haul YouTube vlogger

I’m a bit of a beauty addict.  Few things make me as happy as new makeup and hair products.  So my first trip to an Ulta Beauty was like heaven.  I detail my shopping trip in my latest YouTube video… and I added a bonus haul from my trip to a professional (Cosmetology license only) beauty supply store….

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Quickest, Easiest, Chic Updo for Day or Night (and healthy for your hair)

Quickest, Easiest, Chic Updo for Day or Night (and healthy for your hair)

Starlets always want to look chic, but sometimes they have such a busy schedule that an elaborate hairstyle is impossible.  Enter my favorite updo.  This is truly the quickest, easiest updo you will ever do.  Plus, due to the fact that you won’t need to wash your hair as often if you pull your hair up, and the fact that I am using invisibobbles, your hair will actually be healthier than with any other updo.  This look is also chic for day or evening.  It’s so versatile, easy, and good for your hair that it may even become your go-to style… it definitely has become mine….

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My Hair Care Wardrobe

You might say that my hair is the first thing people notice about me.  I started lightening it when I was in Cosmetology school and I’ve never turned back.  I can’t imagine myself as anything but a platinum blonde.  Several years ago, when I decided to enter the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant (really just to prove to myself that I could do it), I met with the official pageant hairstylist for a consultation.  He suggested that I wear my hair in long loose waves (which is my preferred style anyway).  He told me that many girls wear there hair differently for each part of the pageant (ex. down for swimwear, updo for evening gown) so that they don’t bore the judges.  I innocently asked if I should do something like that.  He then gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.  He said, “Honey, there’s NOTHING boring about your hair.”

It was then that I realized, when you have a striking hair color, you don’t have to do much to your hair in order for it to be special.   I have also noticed, with the trends of purple, blue, pink, etc hair colors, that any color can look good as long as the hair is healthy and shiny.

So I thought I would compile a list of my favorite hair care products.  Now, I will admit that I’m a hair snob.  I only use quality salon products.  While I’ll happily but drugstore lipstick and eye shadow, I never buy hair care products in a drugstore.  You may not need as many products as I use (and you may need different one if your hair is not like mine: fine, stick straight, and bleached), but I highly recommend using quality products.  Your hair will thank you.  This is what I use….


Shampoo Rusk, Artec, Redken


Beauty Splurge or Save

At home spa manicure, beauty splurge or save

Most Everyday Starlets have limited budgets, so we can’t always buy the most expensive beauty products. Some products, however, are worth the money.  So I created a cheat sheet of products to splurge and products to save…

Splurge (purchase at department stores, salons, or Sephora… invest in quality over quantity) (more…)

Cherry Dollface Vintage Pin-up Hair & Makeup in Worcester MA

Cherry Dollface Vintage Pinup hair and makeup class

This past Sunday I had the chance to take a Vintage Pin-Up Hair and Makeup Class with Cherry Dollface and the Crompton Collective in Worcester. I stumbled across her YouTube Channel by accident and loved her videos, so I was so excited to hear she was coming to my hometown.  It never ceases to amaze me how much more there is to learn about anything, even things you think you know everything about.  I have a Cosmetology license, and have studied hair and makeup in magazines and books since I hit puberty, but even I walked away from Sunday’s class feeling inspired and learning a few new tricks.

Cherry did a full pin-up makeup look on a model, and then two vintage hairstyles on two models.  She talked and answered questions throughout.  She is surprisingly approachable… then again I’m always surprised when anyone seems approachable.  The class was small, which I though worked really well because everyone got plenty of chances to ask questions.  Cherry used a variety of products, but in particular she promoted Bomber Betty cosmetics…. And she also gave a shout out to Sugar Pill products because she likes the products and the owner, stating “I like to support people to aren’t assholes.”

Cherry Dollface Vintage Pinup hair and makeup class with Bomber Betty and Sugar Pill products

Cherry also used Big Sexy Hair products, many of which I have actually been dying to try, and she told us she uses Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo and styling treatment.

Vintage Pinup hair and makeup class with Cherry Dollface and Big Sexy Hair

Here are a few things I took away from the class… (more…)

1940s Inspired Updo

1940s Inspired Retro Modern Updo Hair tutorial

Modern pompadours are very trendy for Fall.  I wanted a new take on this look and do a modified retro bumper bang.  You can do almost anything you like with the back of the hair, and you can modify this look to suit your style and face shape.


Starlet at ComiCon

This past weekend I was asked to perform my stand-up comedy set at Connecticut Comiconn.  I was excited (and so was my comic-book-geek boyfriend).  I didn’t want to dress up in character because I would be doing a comedy set as myself, but I did want to dress up.  I found this adorable, comfortable, and affordable dress at Dr Jays, and paired it with this vintage inspired purse, ballet flats (I knew there would be a lot of walking and standing so heels were out of the question), and I took this opportunity to try a fun new hairstyle

retro old hollywood fashion for comicon


3 Ways to Get a Little More Esther Williams in Your Life

Today would have been the legendary Esther Williams’ Birthday, so to celebrate her life, I wanted to share with you a few easy ways that you can add a little more of this glamorous Starlet into your everyday life.

1. Do a quick and easy Esther Williams inspired updo

Esther Williams Inspired Braided Updo


2. Lounge by a beach or pool with Million Dollar Mermaid… one of the best books ever about Old Hollywood (more…)

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