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October 2015 Favorites: Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Etc

How to Wear a Hat... with confidence - EverydayStarlet.com @sarahblodgett

I’ve done a lot of shopping this month (shocker, I know, wink, wink).  However, I haven’t had a chance to really test out my new finds.  So my October Favorites are small, but I have a few things I’ve really been loving that I had to share with you…

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Here’s what I’ve been loving…

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred– I’ve tried a lot of workouts in my day, but I have never seen results as quickly as I have with the first week of this workout… and that’s just level one!

October 2015 Favorites: Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Etc

My Home Goods mug and my homemade pumpkin lattes, and caramel apple lattes with tea from Celestial Seasonings… they taste so sinful, but with just tea, almond milk, honey, and a frother, they’re definitely waistline friendly!

October 2015 Favorites: Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Etc

For beauty products, I’ve been obsessed with my Shiseido Facial Cotton (which I bought in my Cambridge Sephora Haul), and my new dark circle concealer combo: Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Brightener combined with Neutralizer

October 2015 Favorites: Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Etc

My Primark Hat… and be sure to check out my post all about How to Wear a Hat..with Confidence

How to Wear a Hat... with confidence - EverydayStarlet.com @sarahblodgett

What have you been loving this month?

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Fitness for Fashion Bloggers

Fitness for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food Bloggers

Bloggers do it all (and we do it better.. *Snap* *Snap*).  We’re producers, creators, writers, editors, models, photographers, social media experts… for those of us on YouTube, we’re also camera persons, directors, set designers, on camera talents… etc, etc… the list goes on forever!  So after all that, the last thing most of us want to do is workout.  But taking care of our bodies may be the most important part of our jobs.  It keeps us healthy and more productive, as well as helping us fit into those cute outfits…. and who doesn’t want to spend less time in Photoshop making yourselves look thinner (don’t act like you’ve never done it). (more…)

My Current Favorite Workouts

Workout Gear

It’s that time of year again… the time when the weather gets warmer and we all start wearing less and less clothing.  If that’s not motivation enough to workout, I don’t know what is.  I’ll be doing a whole video very soon talking about my fitness journey and some tips I’ve learned along the way, but I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite workouts.  I’m a huge fan of Mari Winsor’s pilates DVDs (she trains Dita Von Teese, so of course I’m a fan)…. but after a while I needed to switch it up.  I love my dance classes, so I decided to try the Ballet Beautiful DVDs.  They are very challenging (despite appearing easy at first), but after a while they just feel like a great workout.  I actually get excited to start my day with them. (more…)

How to Feel Sexy and Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

Get ready for a sexy romantic Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and (now that I’m in love and not bitterly single… not that all single people are bitter, but I certainly was) I’m so excited.  If you’re planning a romantic night with your Valentine… or even if you’re planning a girls night out, or a date with yourself… its fun to prep for the big day.   It heightens the anticipation… which is a key ingredient to seduction.  So here are some tips to prep you for loves biggest night…. (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: 1 Week To Go

Image via www.pedestrian.tv Image via http://www.pedestrian.tv[/caption%5D

The Holiday season is over, and it’s the start of a New Year… and Red Carpet Season is upon us.  The Golden Globes are this Sunday and I am so excited for all the Red Carpet fashion!  If you have been following along with my 3 Month Plan (or trying to… the Holidays are hard, and I will admit to a few detours on my journey), or maybe you’d like to start 2015 with a healthy outlook (here are Months Three, Two, and One), then these are the goals for this week…. (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: Month 2

Red Carpet Ready 2 months
Image via Getty Images

Last month I shared with all of you Starlets that I was getting Red Carpet Ready, and I have a 3 month plan to (hopefully) make that happen.  I’m still following those goals…. (well mostly, my schedule and the weather keep getting in the way of my workouts) …but this month I’m adding to them… (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: 3 Month Plan

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange

Over the years my weight has fluctuated more than Oprah’s. Once I discovered how to lose weight, the challenge became how to keep it off.  I realized recently that my weight has been getting a little higher than I’m comfortable.  I’m not necessarily overweight for my height, but since I have been at an unhealthy weight before, I am sensitive to it and I want to catch myself before it gets out of hand.  I needed motivation to get started.  I don’t have any major events on the calendar… so I decided to create one… Red Carpet Season… (more…)

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