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4th of July Cocktail: Starlet Sparkler

Starlet Sparkler Recipe

I purchased violet syrup a while back to make a Cointreau Teese, my style icon Dita Von Teese’s signature cocktail (and my Instagram pic is one of my most popular… Dita herself liked it… happy dance).  One day I was feeling creative and decided to play around with some cocktail creations.  I found a recipe for a Sparkler, which looked like a refreshing tequila drink… but I wanted to make it holiday themed.  So I added some violet syrup to give it a blueish tint for the 4th of July (and switched the lime juice for lemon because I always have lemon juice on hand for tea).  The result is so delicious and refreshing.  My BF says it tastes like a blue popsicle… and I agree, but I don’t really know why since there is no violet syrup in a popsicle.  I’m actually excited to try more recipes with violet syrup (maybe lemonade, or vegan ice cream?)  Here is the recipe for my creation so you can make it at home… (more…)

DIY Cocktail Glass Earrings

DIY Champagne Martini Cointreau Sidecar Cocktail Glass Earrings

Over the holidays Dita Von Teese did a video with Cointreau showing some easy and delicious party cocktails (you can see it here).  In the video show wore some gorgeous cocktail glass earrings (no doubt a tribute to her martini glass burlesque act).  I searched everywhere for these earrings but to no avail… so I decided to make my own.  Nothing like a little DIY project to get Starlet style on a budget.

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Here are the supplies that are used (I found the best Swarovski bead selection at JoAnne Fabrics, and the cone beads for the cup part of the glasses I found on Ebay). (more…)

Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Affordable DIY Travel Cocktail Kit inspired by Cointreau and Dita Von Teese

Sometimes a Starlet just needs a cocktail.  So I decided to create a cocktail kit for travel.  This was inspired by a few collaborations that Dita Von Teese did with Cointreau for cocktail gift sets.  These gift sets were so stylish but they were very expensive and not really attainable for a Starlet on a budget.  So I decided to create an affordable version for the glamorous Starlet on the go…

In this video(more…)

Taco Night with a MargaDita

Taco Night with Mexican Fried Ice Cream and a Cointreau Margarita Margadita

As a little Starlet, I loved taco nights.  Because tacos are so messy to eat, my mother would set up a folding card table that affectionately became known as the “taco table.”  It was because of the messiness that taco nights were rare and because of that, so much more special.  Now, as a full grown Starlet, I enjoy taco salads frequently, but I still have the occasional taco night… now with Margaritas.  Taco nights are such a great dinner for a group because they lend themselves to a buffet and everyone can make their own.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, I used lean ground pork seasoned with a homemade taco seasoning recipe.  Personally I love corn tortillas, but you can use flour tortillas, and really any vegetables (my favorites are lettuce and tomato) and cheese (I used a Mexican blend). (more…)

My Everyday Starlet Summer Reading List

I have to admit, I have been spending so much time writing that I have been slacking off on my reading.  I’ve even made it one of my Summer goals to do more reading.  I have so many books (I’m still partial to actual books, I haven’t moved to a tablet yet), some that I have yet to read, and some that I am dying to re-read.  I completed my “year one” reading of my IFB Back to Blogger School reading list and I am taking a little break before I start year two.  So I got some suggestions from IFB’s Summer Reading List, and I dug into my own library and came up with a summer reading list:

Glamorous Fashion Beauty Summer Reading Books (more…)

Glamorous Summer Fragrances

Dita Von Teese Romantic Fragrance FleurTeese

There is nothing quite like the sense of smell.  In the summer time, a heavy fragrance isn’t need.  Usually a light and floral scent is appropriate.  Of course everyone’s body chemistry reacts to different perfumes differently.  So the best way to find a favorite fragrance is basic trial and error.  These are some of my favorite Starlet summer scents… (more…)

Glamorous Starlet Swimsuit Wardrobe

It’s no surprise that Starlets love the beach…. and she needs to keep her aura of glamour even in the sand.  Most Starlets spend so much time on the beach… and getting photographed there… that she has a collection of swimsuits that make her feel like a Gorgeous Glamour Goddess.  Here are a Starlet’s bathing suit wardrobe basics….

White One-Piece

Image via dailycaller.com
Image via dailycaller.com
Elizabeth Taylor Summer Fashion in Suddenly Last Summer Image via http://www.digitalspy.com[/caption%5D

Animal Print One-Piece or Bikini (more…)

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