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Summer Reading List for Bloggers & YouTubers

Summer Reading Collage

Summer is a time when things just seem to happen at a slower pace.  Hot sun and sweat just makes you feel like relaxing with a lemonade and a good book.  I always find it to be the perfect time to catch up on reading.  I’ve set so many goals for myself this year for this blog and my YouTube channel, so I thought this Summer was the perfect time to check out some books by other bloggers and YouTubers who I follow for inspiration.  Here are some that I’ve either read or plan to read this Summer… (more…)

Fitness for Fashion Bloggers

Fitness for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food Bloggers

Bloggers do it all (and we do it better.. *Snap* *Snap*).  We’re producers, creators, writers, editors, models, photographers, social media experts… for those of us on YouTube, we’re also camera persons, directors, set designers, on camera talents… etc, etc… the list goes on forever!  So after all that, the last thing most of us want to do is workout.  But taking care of our bodies may be the most important part of our jobs.  It keeps us healthy and more productive, as well as helping us fit into those cute outfits…. and who doesn’t want to spend less time in Photoshop making yourselves look thinner (don’t act like you’ve never done it). (more…)

A Long Day’s Journey Into Mac

MacBook Pro

They say, when one window closes another Mac opens… okay, maybe they don’t say that, I just made it up, clever huh? Anyway, I full intended to have a fabulous fashion post for you today, and start out 2015 with a sea of strong beauty, fashion, and glamour posts.  Unfortunately, life got in the way. (more…)

Can Women and Women Just Be Friends?

Boston Blogger Holiday Event 15

Can women and women just be friends?  Okay, so obviously women can be friends… we learned that from Sex and the City… but can women meet as adults and become friends… and how does one do it?  These may be pretty deep thoughts for a Friday, but I went to a blogger networking event recently, and it got me thinking.  I realized I was surrounded by hundreds of women… there were only about 3 guys in the area of the event.  (more…)

Boston Blogger Home for the Holidays Event w/ Wayfair

Boston Blogger Holiday Event

This past Saturday I attended a Boston Blogger event sponsored by Wayfair.  I learned so much that day (including that I am capable of getting to Boston by 9:30 in the morning… although I may need a week to recover from that).  It was my first blogger event and I really had no idea what to expect.  Kate and Alison of Boston Bloggers are such nice people, and the whole Wayfair team could not have been more gracious.  There were guest speakers, DIY tutorials, and SEO sessions.  I will be blogging a lot more about this event in the coming weeks leading up to the holidays, but I wanted to share with you some pictures from the event.  My intention was to take a bunch of Instagram pics, but unfortunately my phone died halfway though the event and my backup charger failed me as well.  Luckily I had my camera with me, and I did get a few instagram shots in the first part of the day.  I have to admit it was very cool to be in a place where people don’t look at you funny when you pull out a big camera and start snapping pictures… it’s actually expected.  So here are some highlights of the day…. (more…)

My Everyday Starlet Summer Reading List

I have to admit, I have been spending so much time writing that I have been slacking off on my reading.  I’ve even made it one of my Summer goals to do more reading.  I have so many books (I’m still partial to actual books, I haven’t moved to a tablet yet), some that I have yet to read, and some that I am dying to re-read.  I completed my “year one” reading of my IFB Back to Blogger School reading list and I am taking a little break before I start year two.  So I got some suggestions from IFB’s Summer Reading List, and I dug into my own library and came up with a summer reading list:

Glamorous Fashion Beauty Summer Reading Books (more…)