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Sexy Boudoir Valentine’s Day Makeup Look Tutorial

Top 5 Kiss Proof Lipsticks

Top 5 long lasting kiss proof lipstick lip colors

If you plan on doin’ a lot of kissin’ on Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter)… or you just want your lip color to last past your first meal…. then these are my top 5 (and a bonus honorable mention) long lasting, kiss proof lipsticks… most of which can be found in your drugstore…. the rest can be found at Sephora…..

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The Sexiest Scent To Wear For Your Leading Man

The Sexiest Fragrance Perfume Scent to wear for a man on Valentine's Day

Perfume is a legendary element of seduction.  I read somewhere that women have a better sense of smell than men… but that men are attracted to more scents than women are.  Obviously the fragrance you pick should be something that you love and that works with your body chemistry… but I have been curious what the ultimate fragrance for attracting a man would be. (more…)

How to Feel Sexy and Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

Get ready for a sexy romantic Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and (now that I’m in love and not bitterly single… not that all single people are bitter, but I certainly was) I’m so excited.  If you’re planning a romantic night with your Valentine… or even if you’re planning a girls night out, or a date with yourself… its fun to prep for the big day.   It heightens the anticipation… which is a key ingredient to seduction.  So here are some tips to prep you for loves biggest night…. (more…)

Makeup Brushes and Tools Resolution

MakeupBrushes 2

I’ve always been a hand-on kinda girl… when it comes to makeup that is.  I have a cosmetology and estheticians license with the State of Mass, and, while each State has different rules, in MA you need to have a license to even touch a client.  That means that even shampoo girls in Mass must have a cosmetology license. People who work at cosmetic counters, and makeup artists do not technically need to be licensed, as long as they do not touch the customer.  They must use tools, brushes, sponges, cotton swabs, etc, to apply makeup.

I guess I started using that thinking in my own makeup application.  I figured… I’m licensed… I’ll just use my hands.  For someone with as much makeup as me, I had surprisingly few makeup tools.  But then I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube for inspiration, and I saw all these cool new makeup tools.  I decided to make one of my New Years Resolutions be to use more makeup tools.

I have a beauty blender and the mini version.  I have also been collecting some makeup brushes.  I’ve also found some ideas on one of my favorite YouTube channels Ready Set Glamour 

Are there any makeup tools that you couldn’t live without? Are there any that you’ve been dying to try that you would like me to try out and do a review?

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Secrets of the Super Stylish #InspiredByInStyle

Fashion magazines have been an obsession interest of mine since I was old enough to read. One of my favorites is InStyle.  I get giddy when mine arrives in the mail.  They have a section in the mag every so often called, Secrets of the Super Stylish.  It’s basically a collage of questions for people in the style industry… models, designers, stylists, etc.  I have wanted to do my own collage for a while now.  Since I have finally mastered (that may be a strong word) PicMonkey, I decided to finally make my dream a reality…

InStyle Magazine Secrets of the Super Stylish

You can also see my style collage on my new About page.

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How to Get Supermodel Hair


Continuing Supermodel week her at ES, Monday we looked at the bodyTuesday we looked at beauty tips, yesterday we had an example of Supermodel makeup… but I thought Supermodel hair deserved a post of its own.  Yes, models are gorgeous, with perfect bodies, and flawless skin… but who can get past their hair (okay, so maybe most people, but I love their hair).  Models seem to have that effortless look that makes their hair seem perfectly styled, yet completely natural at the same time.  Here are some tips to get that look, no matter what type of hair you have…. (more…)

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