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Spring Nail Polish Color Combos

Spring Nail Polish 2

There is something about the change in seasons that makes me desperate to change up my nail polish.  Dark nails in warm weather just feel like I’m wearing a ski parka to the beach in August… but that may just be me, a lot of people can rock dark nails in Spring/Summer and look amazing!   (more…)

Spring Lipliner and Lip Color Combos

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner East End Snob Enchantment,  Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain Honey Smitten

Lipliner has been scarce for a while.  It made a huge splash in the 90s and then disappeared (much like Vanilla Ice’s career).  In the 90s, lipliner and/or lipsatin was IT for all the total Bettys, and lipstick was so “whatever” (places hands in the shape of a W)…. these are Clueless references, if you haven’t seen the movie find it on Netflix immediately…. as if…. (more…)

Spring Goals 2015

Spring Crocuses
These are from last year…. I SOOO wish they were here this year already!


While its officially Spring on the calendar, here in New England it just barely looks like it.  I have never wanted Spring more than I do this year (and if you live anywhere in the Northeast you know why).  Every season I try to set some goals for myself, no necessarily serious stuff, but some fun stuff that I really want to enjoy in the upcoming season.  I’m always amazed that when I put my goals in writing, so many more of them actually happen. So I encourage you to make a written list of your Spring goals…. here are mine….. (more…)

1930s Makeup Tutorial

Milani Tea Rose Blush, Nars Lipstick Funny Face

The 1920s were all about flappers and boyish shapes, but the 1930s began embracing the female form.  Women wanted to look more feminine, and that translated to their makeup.  Pinks and roses became a signature look of the era.  A tea rose complexion was the standard.  While they didn’t have powder blushes back then, they used cream rouge, the new Milani blush in tea rose is a perfect 1930s inspired color, both because of the name a shade, but the rose texture evokes the floral patterns that were popular in the 30s.  Add some raspberry lips, like my Nars Funny Face, and you have a perfect modern 1930s face.

Around holiday time, I did a Old Hollywood inspired 1930s makeup tutorial (you can see the post here).  Here is the video…. Clomid 50mg

You could easily pair this eye makeup with the Milani blush and Nars Lips for an even more 1930s look… lasix 20mg

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