Speaking Topics

  • How embodying Feminine Energy will change your life
  • Understanding the roles of Feminine and Masculine Energy to create sexual polarity in relationships
  • Celebrating and embracing all the flavors of Feminine Energy
  • Feminine Energy and Feminism 
  • Healthy Masculinity vs Toxic Masculinity
  • Feminine sensuality, sexuality, and creativity
  • Feminine Communication and using your voice 
  • Body Confidence and feeling great in your own skin
  • Will customize a speech for your audience


Sarah Blodgett is the creator of Everyday Starlet, a lifestyle brand designed to inspire women to embody their Feminine Energy and be the star of their own life. As a former stand up comedian, Sarah creates engaging content to help men and women connect to their natural core energies and understand the importance of sexual polarity in relationships.


Media Kit available upon request.

If you are interested in hiring Sarah to speak at your next event the feel free to send and email to sarah@everydaystarlet.com