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Shop Instagram: Rose Tattoo Bra Set

I was lucky enough to be gifted this set from Scantilly by Curvy Kate

Bra: Scantilly Heart Throb Black/Red Plunge Bra

Briefs: Scantilly Heart Throb Black/Red High Waist Brief

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Summer Nights Tablescape

Summer Nights Tablescape, Rustic Glamour Pinterest, Michaels Decorating

There always seems to be a long break between holidays this time of year.  After the 4th of July, there isn’t really a decorating holiday until Halloween.  That leaves a few months to fill a table’s decor.  I decided to decorate my table for Summer… after the Winter we had in New England, Summer deserves a little celebration.  I already had a Rustic Glamour 4th of July theme going.  So instead of starting from scratch, I just switched out some of the colors and went with a Summer Night Tablescape theme.  Periwinkle hydrangeas ARE Summer in New England.  The burlap table runner with champagne colored glitter ribbon mimics sand sparkling under the moonlight.  The mason jars hold fairy lights… they make me think of catching fire flies in a jar.  Stars scattered over the table remind me of Summers at Cape Cod when I was a kid.  There always seemed be be more stars in the sky. I added some glitter starfish to give it a beachy feel.   (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Healthier S’Mores

Healthier Smores, dairy free dessert, marshmallow fluff broiler smores

It just doesn’t feel like Summer until I have s’mores.  But I certainly don’t want to deal with the whole campfire thing (I prefer being indoors, bug-free, with the AC on thankyouverymuch).  I’ve also become averse to marshmallows.  It started with my quest for vegan rice krispie treats.  I read one recipe that said not to Google how they make gelatin, because you’ll never eat a marshmallow again.  I did… and I won’t.  Marshmallow fluff however, is gelatin-free (although it has egg whites and a lot of sugar, so it’s not technically “vegan” or “healthy”… it is a step in the right direction).  In my quest to go dairy-free, I found some vegan chocolate, and organic graham crackers.  I decided to try toasting the fluff under the broiler.  They must be watched very carefully, because the graham crackers can start to burn… but they don’t need much toasting for the fluff to get a crisp crust.  It may not be as healthy as a bowl of fruit, but I like these s’mores even better then the original! (more…)

4th of July Cocktail: Starlet Sparkler

Starlet Sparkler Recipe

I purchased violet syrup a while back to make a Cointreau Teese, my style icon Dita Von Teese’s signature cocktail (and my Instagram pic is one of my most popular… Dita herself liked it… happy dance).  One day I was feeling creative and decided to play around with some cocktail creations.  I found a recipe for a Sparkler, which looked like a refreshing tequila drink… but I wanted to make it holiday themed.  So I added some violet syrup to give it a blueish tint for the 4th of July (and switched the lime juice for lemon because I always have lemon juice on hand for tea).  The result is so delicious and refreshing.  My BF says it tastes like a blue popsicle… and I agree, but I don’t really know why since there is no violet syrup in a popsicle.  I’m actually excited to try more recipes with violet syrup (maybe lemonade, or vegan ice cream?)  Here is the recipe for my creation so you can make it at home… (more…)

DIY Rustic Glamour 4th of July Tablescape

DIY Rustic Glamour 4th of July Tabelscape

When it comes to me and tablescapes, you may have noticed theme: Rustic Glamour.  It’s my go-to look for holiday decor.  It’s a way of making glamour seen a little more livable.  I want my holiday decor to be elegant but touchable.  So I set out to create a 4th of July table that had the same feel as my Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Oscars tables.  I scoured Pinterest and craft stores for some inspiration, but nothing I found had the elegant feel I wanted.. or it was way too expensive.  So after a few trip to Michaels, and a few searches through my tablescape accessory collection (which is becoming quite large… although not nearly as bad as my fashion accessory collection), I found the look I wanted… (more…)

Fitness for Fashion Bloggers

Fitness for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food Bloggers

Bloggers do it all (and we do it better.. *Snap* *Snap*).  We’re producers, creators, writers, editors, models, photographers, social media experts… for those of us on YouTube, we’re also camera persons, directors, set designers, on camera talents… etc, etc… the list goes on forever!  So after all that, the last thing most of us want to do is workout.  But taking care of our bodies may be the most important part of our jobs.  It keeps us healthy and more productive, as well as helping us fit into those cute outfits…. and who doesn’t want to spend less time in Photoshop making yourselves look thinner (don’t act like you’ve never done it). (more…)

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Glamorous

Bathroom Collage

Living at home with your parents can be a challenge.  One of the biggest things for me has been trying to feel like I have spaces that I can call my own.  I took over my parents “guest bath” (they really don’t have many guests) when I was a kid, but the style stayed decidedly my mothers.  So recently I decided my bathroom needed a makeover.  My mother was on board with me giving her guest bath a face lift, but she didn’t want to embark on major renovations.  So I kept the room basically the same, but used the light blue wall color (which I already loved) as inspiration, and added some silver, sparkly touches to make it feel more like a glamorous boudoir bathroom.  Here are some of the glamour bathroom essentials I discovered…. (more…)

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