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Getting into Costume: Starlet Accessories

No Starlet wardrobe is complete without accessories.  So here are the basics…


Marilyn Monroe Bathing suit heels
Image via http://www.mirror.co.uk[/caption%5D

No Starlet can resist footwear.  She may have a weakness for the red soled Louboutins or the classic Jimmy Choos, but labels and status are not what moves a true Starlet.  She is more concerned with how the shoe makes her feel.  These are her essentials:

  • Heels-nothing makes you look and feel more feminine, whether its mules, sling backs, or pumps
  • Espadrilles– perfect for summer
  • Ballet flats– these are the perfect shoes for every day.  They are feminine and comfortable for a Starlet on the go.
  • Keds– a Starlet’s preferred sneaker.
  • Moccasins– for cozy cabins in the woods
  • Flat boots-preferably riding boots.  A classic look for cold days


[caption id="attachment_1546" align="aligncenter" width="461"] Grace Kelly Handbag Image via http://www.huffingtonpost.com[/caption%5D

What do you get for the Starlet that has everything… something to carry it in.

  • Top handle– these are you basic handbags.  Nothing too big or too tiny.  Leather for every day.  Wicker for summer vacations
  • Day bag– a Starlet is always on the go.  Auditions/interviews/meetings.  She needs a good size bag that can carry her essentials.  Nothing bigger than a briefcase, and definitely nothing that appears to be luggage.  Even if she spend the night at a paramour’s house and didn’t have time to go home to freshen up, she should always look put together.
  • Evening clutches–  a Starlet will have one to go with every formal occasion outfit.


[caption id="attachment_1542" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Marilyn Monroe Diamond Jewelry Image via Pinterest

We all know the Elizabeth Taylor has a love affair with jewelry.  She collected historic pieces and knew the history of every bauble.  However a true Starlet is not concerned with the price of the stone or even if the gem is real (exception: engagement rings and other gifts, which she expects to be of good quality).  Starlets always love to sparkle with rhinestones and crystals as well as diamonds and pearls.

  • Dangly earrings– an earring with movement catches the light and call attention to a Starlet’s eyes.
  • Hoop earrings– nothing too big or gaudy, just simple and classic.
  • Diamond studs– simple and basic
  • Pearl studs– for days when you just need a little class.  As Jackie O says, “pearls are always appropriate”
  • Pendent necklace– something pretty and delicate for everyday or for a V-neck sweater that needs a little sparkle.
  • Statement necklace– something big and dramatic to add sparkle to a little black dress for simple outfit.
  • Cocktail ring– a Starlet loves something pretty and shiny on her finger.
  • Brooches– similar to a statement necklace, a brooch is a way to add glamour to a basic dress, blazer, or coat.

Other Accessories

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys Hat
Image via theskinnystiletto.wordpress.com
  • Sunglasses– sometimes a Starlet needs to run out of the house without eye makeup (I know, the horror!), and as a star, you never know when you will get your picture taken or run into someone important.  So a true Starlet has a collection of sunglasses for any occasion.
  • Tights/leggings– most Starlets live in sunny LA, but for the rest of us (like me who has to deal with New England winters) tights and leggings are essential to keeping your legs warm, because sometimes you just need to wear a pretty dress in cold weather.  Black is basic and goes with most things.  You can wear nude to layer under pants,.  Also, nude fishnets can be slimming.
  • Hair accessories/flowers– these are for days when you want to feel like a pin up girl.
  • Scarves– most Starlets can’t resist a scarf.  Any way you wear it… tied around the neck, as a headscarf, draped over a sweater, or a bandana as a headband….they add drama to any outfit.
  • Sun hat– Starlets protect their skin for the sun, so in the summertime, a sun hat with a wide brim is essential and glamorous.
Elizabeth Taylor Cocktail
Image via welcometoladyville.com

Stay tuned for what to wear underneath your clothes!



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Getting into Costume: A Starlet’s Wardrobe Basics

Your life cannot be a movie unless you have a costume department.  Any actor will tell you that they never fully get into character until they get into costume. You want a wardrobe that fits your life, but also the life that you would like.  You obviously want a wardrobe that flatterers your figure (the figure you have, not yourself minus 20 lbs, love your beautiful curves, and if you’re in an unhealthy weight range then work on your diet and fitness).

You will always be safe sticking to the classics.  For an explanation of the difference between classics and retro check out The Glamorous Housewife.  This blog also has some tips on retro wardrobe basics.

Here are some basics every Starlet should have in her wardrobe:


Printed Day Dresses– these can be any shape that flatters your body.  They can be in florals or any pattern you love (every Starlet needs at least one polka dot dress).  When you’re in a hurry to get out the door, nothing is simpler than throwing on a day dress

Elizabeth Taylor Grace Kelly Jet Set Traveling on a plane
Image via Tumblr

LBD- (Little Black Dress) in any shape, material, you like.  It is the most versatile piece in your wardrobe

Brigitte Bardot Come Dance with Me
Image via m.inmagine.com

Sheath Dress– think Joan from Mad Men

Image via http://madmen.wikia.com/wiki/Joan_Harris
Image via http://madmen.wikia.com/wiki/Joan_Harris%5B/caption%5D

Fit and Flare Dresses– this style gives you a tiny waist… the goal of every Starlet

[caption id="attachment_1321" align="aligncenter" width="563"] Image via morningstar84.blogspot.com Image via morningstar84.blogspot.com

Evening gown– this isn’t something you need to run out and spend money on, but ideally you should think about adding a formal gown to your wardrobe just in case the occasion arises.

Image via Google
Image via Google


Cardigans– this is a classic look that you can get in any color and throw on anytime it gets a little cold

Grace Kelly Cardigan
Image via Tumblr

Sweaters– the term “sweater girl” was created for Old Hollywood Starlets, so embrace that you’re your favorite sweaters in a flattering color and neckline

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Long sleeve blouses– a basic white or a color, this is a menswear inspired wardrobe must for all Starlets

Cyd Charisse Fashion Bandwagon
Image via Pinterest.com

Plaid Blouses– for casual days, or country trips

Elizabeth Taylor Yellow Gingham
Image via Pinterest

T-shirts– basic long sleeve, puff sleeve (which make your shoulders look bigger… which makes your waist look tinier!)… there are so many styles to choose from.  Pick your favorites for layering, going with dressier skirts and pants, and for getting some exercise.

Brigitte Bardot Stripe Shirt


Find a suit (preferably with a skirt, but if you love pants suits, go for it).  Black is the most basic, but you can also pick a color.  Wear the top and bottom together or separately.

Lauren Bacall Feminine menswear inspired suit
Image via classiq.me


Denim– Starlets do where jeans, but always well-fitted.  They can be wide leg retro style, cropped and cuffed, or skinny jeans (but only if they flatter you figure).

Marilyn Monroe Denim Outdoors Woods Camping Fashion Inspiration
Image via girlsdofilm.wordpress.com

Capris– these can be in patterns or solids.  These are the perfect casual, everyday pants.


Wide leg pant– a feminine take on menswear

[caption id="attachment_1377" align="aligncenter" width="572"] Cyd Charisse Fashion Bandwagon Image via http://www.hollywoodfashionvault.com[/caption%5D

Full skirts– these can be in a fun pattern, and can be casual for day or dressier for evening

[caption id="attachment_989" align="aligncenter" width="236"] Brigitte Bardot Come Dance with Me Image via Pinterest

Pencil skirt– no Starlet wardrobe would be complete without a pencil skirt.  In sold or pattern.

Image via www.glamamor.com Image via http://www.glamamor.com[/caption%5D

Stay tunes for accessories!



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Ready For Your Close-up: How to Have Starlet Hair

There’s no way around it, Starlet’s have great hair.  This usually starts with her stylist.  While most Old Hollywood Starlets traveled with their stylists, that is not practical for most women.  But since you are a Starlet now, it is important to find a favorite stylist.  A hairstylist for a woman is like a bartender for a man, you will be sharing a lot of your life stories with them so find one that you have good chemistry with.  If you watch the awards shows, many actresses thank their hair and makeup teams.  Your stylist is your hair guru and is essential in getting you into character for your life movie.



Starlets have a signature look and they rarely stray too far from it.  And each has a signature color.  Your hair color should match your coloring and your personality. 


I think Lauren Stover summed it up best in one of my favorite books, The Bombshell Manuel of Style:
“The hair color of fairy tale heroines and victims, blonde is unthreatening, sexually open, childlike.  It commands more attention than any other hair color and needs somebody who knows how to turn it on.  Be prepared.  Going blonde is letting the genie escape from the bottle”


While there may be a cold war between the blondes and the brunettes, dark hair is sultry.  Anywhere from chestnut to pitch black, brunette is the hair color of femme fatales and sensual seductresses.  It’s also the best color for strong women who want to be taken seriously, and known for their complexities. 


Red is a very difficult color to pull off… and if it’s not your natural color, it can be difficult to maintain as well.  But hey, Rita Hayworth definitely made it work, so if you think you can too, go for it!


A starlet needs a good haircut.  She may add or grow out layers, she may cut bangs, but she rarely changes her look completely.  Nothing too trendy.  A starlet sticks to a basic cut and shape that flatters her face, and works with her hair texture.  No buzz cuts, pixies, and anything that makes her look like a boy or a soccer mom.  How many movies about a soccer mom have you watched?… exactly.  It’s okay to be one, just not look like one.  For specifics on a cut that works for you consult your hair guru. 


The specific products you need depend on many factors: hair texture, length, style.  But these are the basics:
Shampoo/Conditioner– there are so many to choose from, ask your hair guru for recommendation s for your hair type.
Leave in Conditioner/Serum/Heat protectant– you’ll want to put something in your hair after washing it to protect it from heat styling.
Hair brush/Comb  I know people are divided on this, but I believe a wide tooth comb is the best option for detangling wet hair.  A hair brush is for styling and brushing dry hair.
Dry Shampoo– I only recommend washing your hair a few days a week.  The longer you can go (and I know it can be hard, especially in the summer humidity) without shampooing, the better.  A dry shampoo can help your hair feel clean between washing.  Brigitte Bardot used one, and Marilyn was known for using baby powder.
Hairspray– I have a light-hold for when I want movement, and an extra-strong-hold for when I need things to stay in place.
Deep Conditioner– My favorites is Davines.  Your hair is your signature and you should care for it.  A weekly deep conditioner can be great.  If you’re short on time, slap it on at the beginning of your shower, then put on a plastic cap and let it work while you shave.  Then rinse and you’re out of the shower in the same time you normally would be.
Styling tools– everyone needs a blow-dryer, but depending on how you want to style your hair, and your personal preference, you can use a number of options: hot rollers (Dita Von Tesse’s pick), curling iron (my preference), or try pin curls, steam rollers, etc.  The options are endless.
Other products  stuff like gels, pomades, mousse, etc are all personal preference and depend on how you would like to style your hair.  Try out different products to see what you like, and ask your hair guru for advice.


You can find just about any hair style, and an explanation of how to do it on the internet or in books. I like to wash my hair and mostly dry it at night, and then style my hair after my shower the next day.  I set it with a curling iron, pin the curls, and let them cool while I’m doing my makeup.  But the options are endless.  For some tips, you can read how Dita VonTeese gets ready in the morning.



For days when you’re in a rush, or your hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to (we all have days life that, in fact most Starlets are late because of their hair), it’s good to have a few quick, cute updos in your beauty tricks arsenal for hair emergencies.  Here are some inspirations:


 Stay tuned for some fashion lessons!
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Ready For Your Close-up: Perfume

Your life is a movie and you are the star. Yes, film is a visual medium so fragrance is not recognized on film.  However, one thing fragrance can do it help you get into character.  Now you should always be yourself, but you can aspire to be whatever you want to be. 
Many of the classic fragrances that Old Hollywood Starlets wore are still around today….it’s well known that Marilyn wore Chanel No5.  But I find many of these classic fragrances just remind me of the little old ladies that used to pinch my cheeks in church when I was a little girl.  The most important part of fragrance is that it should make you feel like the best version of yourself.
So head to your nearest fragrance counter and start sniffing for the real you.
One of my personal favorites is Chloe.  It’s feminine and girly, like me. 
I have recently discovered Love, Chloe and I love that too.  I tried it because I heard it was similar to Dita Von Teese fragrance FleurTeese.  I hear great things about Dita’s fragrances, but since they are not readily available in the US yet I haven’t tested them.  I have read the descriptions and FleurTeesewas the one that looked like it would suit me.  Love, Chloe has very similar notes, so I gave it a try and I love it.
Another line to check out is Tocca Beauty.  They have a collection of fragrances based on past Starlets and glamorous places.  Just read the descriptions and make a list of the ones that closest describe who you would like to be.  Then take that list to your nearest Sephora and see which ones you like in person.  Make sure you test them on your wrist to see how they mix with your own essence.


Inspired by the Mediterranean seductress, Cleopatra captivates the senses. It is infused with the crisp, fresh scent of juicy grapefruit and soothing cucumber used in the legendary queen’s beauty rituals.
Notes: Bitter Grapefruit, Lush Greens, Cassis Bud, White Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Tuberose, Warm Patchouli, Golden Amber, Rich Vanilla Musk.
Style: Powerful. Seductive. Vivacious.


Stella is infused with the slightly sweet, never bitter, and always fresh scent of blood orange. With its origins coming from 17th Century Sicily, the blood orange is harmonious with Tocca’s philosophy of combining the best of old world traditions with modern influences.
Notes: Bitter Orange, Blood Orange, Watery Accord, White Freesia, Wild Diamond Orchids, Spicy Lily, Sheer Musk, Sandalwood.
Style: Sexy. Sensual. Impetuous.


Florence is scented with the sophisticated essence of the old European garden rose known as Centifolias or “cabbage” rose. Bred in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Dutch, Centifolias are noted for their highly fragrant blossoms. In the Florence collection, Tocca combines this delicate flower with iris root to anchor the scent.
Notes: Italian Bergamot, Grapefruit Leaves, Green Pear, Apple Cocktail, Ivory Gardenia, Crushed Violet Petals, Jasmine, Tuberose, Blue Iris, Blonde Wood, White Musk.


Style: Sophisticated. Romantic. Feminine.


Brigitte channels the essence of screen siren Brigitte Bardot—an icon of glamorous, free-spirited class. Tocca’s newest fine fragrance invites you into Brigitte’s bike ride in the south of France. The intoxicating scent of the Marseilles spice market mingles with ginger, then folds in the essence of Moroccan Rose petals, blending chic, old-world European style with whimsical and exotic intrigue. Brigitte’s loveliness is deliciously textured—sweet top notes of Rhubarb and Papaya bloom into middle notes of Iris and Saffron. Her depth shines through bottom notes of Sandalwood and Musk.
 Notes: Ginger, Rhubarb, Papaya, Moroccan Rose, Iris, Saffron, Sandalwood, Musk, Pannetone Accord.
Style: Chic. Free. Glamorous.


Inspired by the love story of Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife, Giulietta Masina, Tocca’s Giulietta is a sweet, floral scent reminiscent of the couple’s holidays spent on the island of Corsica. Sweet top notes of ylang ylang, green apple, and pink tulips bloom into the floral delicacy of lily of the valley, vanilla orchid, and lilac. The essence lingers, leaving the skin with a hint of pink tulips and amber.
Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang, Green Apple, Pink Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Iris Pallida, Vanilla Orchid, Lilac, Heliotrope, Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood.
Style: Refreshing. Feminine. Delicate.


Inspired by the French novelist and libertine, Colette, Tocca’s newest fine fragrance captures the seductive essence of a woman. Known for her romantic liaisons as much as her inspiring writing, Colette embodies the irresistible scent of a woman that lingers on the pillow long after she leaves. Warm, spicy and sweet, Colette is the perfect fragrance for the sensual woman in us all.
Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Juniper Berry, Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine, Violet, Cyclamen, Pine Needles, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Cedarwood.
Style: Spicy. Sweet. Seductive.


Transport yourself to a seaside cafe in Southern Italy. Bianca opens with a light citrus blend of lemon orpur and mandarin. Green tea and rose petals bloom, while a whisper of musk and sugar linger on the skin, capturing the imagination.
Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Lemon Orpur, Rose Petals, Jasmine, Green Tea, Musk, Sugar.


Graciella pays homage to the unparalleled beauty and sophistication of Grace Kelly. This beautifully lush and floral scent is as unforgettable as its muse.
Notes: Bitter Orange, Asian Pear, Watery Apricot, Casablanca Lily, Ylang Ylang from Comoros Islands, Karma Fleur, Rose de Mai, Creamy Iris, Cashmere Musk, Benzoin, Laos.
Style: Beautiful. Lush. Floral.


Imagine springtime in Paris—the vibrant blooms along the Champs-Elysees awaken the youthful spirit of first love. Violette evokes the whirlwind romance between a young soldier on leave and a beautiful girl at the fragrance counter of Le Bon Marche in1940s Paris. This fine fragrance is housed in an Italian-made glass bottle and a gold-leafed box, making it a luxurious gift for your love or an indulgent reward for oneself.
Notes:  Italian Bergamot, Ginger Oil, Coriander Seed Oil, African Violet, Bulgarian Rose, Black Currants, Creamy Cedarwood, Cashmere Musk, Touch of Benzoin.
Style: Romantic. Lavish. Imaginative.


A lush, green, rolling lawn is the setting for a roaring 20s party in full swing. Liliana conjures a reveler in the bloom of youth dancing the Charleston amidst flowing bottles of champagne and a spirited jazz band. The lowering sun casts a golden sparkle as an intoxicating bouquet of muguet, gardenia, and peony wafts from the gardens, filling the night with joie de vivre.
Notes: Italian Bergamot, Neroli, Watery Peach, Muguet, Gardenia, White Peony, Sandalwood, Musk, Benzoin, Patchouli.
Style: Spirited. Intoxicating. Radiant.


Evoking the deep, enduring love of two kindred spirits, Margaux embraces and enchants with velvety petals of green gardenia, amber, and violet. The rich warmth of cashmere woods and warm musk, lightened by the sweetness of vanilla, envelopes the senses in an intoxicating perfume that conjures the timeless ideal of one true love.
Notes:  Blood Orange, Bergamot Blossom, Cassis, Green Gardenia, Black Jasmine, Ambery Violet, Cashmere Woods,Warm Musk, Benzoin, Vanilla, Heliotrope.
Style:  Deep. Rich. Soulful.



It’s likely that more than one scent will appeal to you.  That is how you create a fragrance wardrobe.  It’s a good idea to have a daytime scent, a more seductive evening scent, a light summer scent, and a scent to suit other activities that you really enjoy. 

Stay tuned for our “Mane” Beauty lesson where we look as luxurious locks!
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Ready For Your Close-up: Starlet Makeup Tips

In Hollywood, stars sped hours in the makeup chair.  Getting ready for the movie of your life should not take that long (only you get bonus points if your makeup chair has your name on the pack like in Old Hollywood days).  Once you have a regular makeup plan down, it shouldn’t take you long at all.
The important thing to remember about makeup is that it should emphasize your own beauty.  It should highlight the things you love about yourself, and downplay the things you like less.  Your makeup should never upstage you.  You are the star after all, not your mascara. 


Base– while many Old Hollywood Starlets wore pancake makeup, for most of us, pancakes belong at IHOP.  If you are taking good care of your skin you probably don’t need a foundation for every day.  However it’s always good to have a good one on hand for occasions when you need to look especially flawless.  Your foundation is the closest to your skin so I definitely recommend going to a cosmetic counter to have an expert help you find your ideal shade and formula.  For every day, just a few dots of concealer where needed, maybe a highlighter under eyes, and some loose powder (applied with a glamorous brush or powder puff).


Cheeks– As a general rule, if you look good in pure white, you look best in cool tones, if you look good in ivory you look best in warm tones.  If you’re a cool you should go with a pink blush, or maybe a lavender.  If you’re a warm, stick with a peachy blush.  If your skin is dry, go for a cream formula.  If your skin is oily, go for a powder. 
Contour/Highlight– you can add bronzer for a sun kissed look, or to contour your face.  You can also add shimmer to highlight areas you want to highlight.  This is more for special occasions than every day.


Shadow– no crazy colors for us, Starlets want their eye color to stand out.  So neutral shades like nudes/ivorys/grays/golds/silvers… maybe a little pastels.


Liner-Starlets love there eyeliners.  You can try any formula from pencils to cake to gel, but when you think Pin-Up Bombshell you think liquid liner cat eye.  Yes, this look can be tricky, and takes a lot of practice.  If you would like to try this look, I suggest practicing at night before you take your makeup off before going to bed.  That way, if you mess up, you’re just removing your makeup anyway.


Mascara– this is a must.  Always curl lashes first, then apply mascara.  This is an everyday essential.  The formula is up to you, but most Starlets have drama in the movie of their lives, so a waterproof or long lasting formula is a must.
Brows– if your brows are well shaped then you just may need a pencil or powder to darken or fill in where they are sparse.  Pick a shade that matches you brow color.


Every Starlet should have a lipstick wardrobe, but she will also usually favor one color.  Every Starlet has a signature lip color.  Marilyn was known for her red lips.  Jayne Mansfield was known for pink kisses.  Brigitte Bardot was known to go nude (on her lips and just in general).


Every Starlet needs a red, pink, and a nude, but the shade of each is dependent on your coloring, either cool or warm.
Many Starlets of the past used lipstick brands that are still around today.  So by all means try the drugstore brands and see which brands/shades suit you. 


If you happen to have a leading man in your life you may want to consider a long lasting formula for your hot and heavy love scenes.  I have tried a few kiss-proof brands and my favorite is Maybelline Superstay 24 Color  I have it in several colors.  One side is a lip stain that will stay on through eating and light smooches.  The other side is a lip balm that you can re-apply throughout the day… and since it’s clear, you don’t even need a mirror to touch up.


Your makeup look should also be appropriate for the time of day and the occasion.  As glamour queen Dita Von Teese says in her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese:

“A lady knows how to wear makeup tastefully for daytime, dramatically for evening, and theatrically for the stage”


Dita also breaks down her everyday beauty routine here.

Stay tuned for our fragrance lesson!
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Ready For Your Close-up: Starlet Beauty Tips

If your life is a movie, that means you should always be ready for your close-up.  Starlets have a very French way of looking at beauty.  In America, we just cover up our flaws.  The French way, and now your way, is to take good care of yourself and your skin, so that cover up is a last resort.  Now if you are already getting your exercise, and eating right, you are already ahead of the game.  You skin will have a natural healthy glow.  And I’m sure we all know that getting enough sleep and avoiding smoking are extremely important to a great complexion.   But a great skin care routine is essential.  Finding the proper routine is (like exercise or diet) a very personal thing.  I have been to dermatologists and they are usually not all that helpful with basic skin care (although definitely seek then out if you have a serious skin condition).  I find that good old trial and error is the best method.  Yes, it can be time consuming, but once you have a plan that suits your needs, it should only take a few minutes out of your day to maintain.

Gil Elvgren Pin Up
Gil Elvgren Pin Up

I should first emphasize the importance of avoiding the sun.  While some Old Hollywood Starlets did suntan, they didn’t really know the dangers back then.  If you really need some color, I suggest a spray tanning booth, although those can eat up your time and money. I emphasize that you learn to love the skin you’re in.  Wear sunscreen, avoid the sun when possible and embrace your own beautiful skin tone.  Marilyn did….

“I don’t think sun-tanned skin is any more attractive than white skin, or any healthier, for that matter. I’m personally opposed to a deep tan because I like to feel blond all over.”-Marilyn Monroe

Image via dailycaller.com
Image via dailycaller.com

I should also note that a Starlet’s skin care products need not be the most expensive.  In fact, many of her products may be from a drugstore.  And I recommend starting there first for your trials.  Make sure you read labels and find one that suits your skin type.  The bare minimum you will need is:

Cleanser– I use a basic drugstore brand.

Daytime moisturizer with sunscreen

Night cream– there are hundreds, so be sure to read labels.  Sephora has a great search feature so, for example, if you have oily/acne prone skin you can search for skin care that is oil free.  If you have wrinkles, you can search anti-aging….. etc.  Since this product will be on your skin all night, I suggest spending a little more money on it to get the best product.

Eye Cream– pretty much same guidelines for finding a night cream.  You can get a separate one for daytime if you’d like.  Or get an eye cream for day and night use.

Lips– I swear my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour,,, I mostly use it on my lips (it doesn’t taste great but it will moisturize and plump lips like no other).  I also use it anywhere that is extra dry and needs more than a regular moisturizer (like my nose during allergy season).

Makeup Remover– I cannot emphasize how important it is to remove your makeup before going to bed.  Always remove it, no matter how tired you are.  There are so many choices for makeup wipes to choose from and they are the easiest method, and I have some extra strong makeup remover pads from Almay for stubborn waterproof eye makeup.  I know some women say that if they are going to bed with a man they don’t want to take off there makeup.  I say, a true Starlet would not go to bed with a man who didn’t love her with or without makeup.

Tweezers– You must keep those eyebrows in check.  There are many options like waxing.  I have skin that is too sensitive to wax, so I just try to keep up my brow shape with good old fashioned tweezing a few days a week.  That way they never get bad enough to be overwhelming.  Either way, you should have a good tweezer on hand for any stray hairs.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest


These are optional, but still good to consider.

Face mask– If you have the time/money for a spa facial then go for it (but be careful and check their qualifications, I’ve seen some very bad results, so be cautious and ask a lot of questions to make sure they know what they are doing).  You can also buy a make mask and/or scrub and do a home facial.  One of my favorites is to use full-fat sour cream, it gives similar results to the more common yogurt mask, but I find its thinker so it doesn’t drip as much.


Marilyn used to bleach EVERYTHING.  She wanted no evidence that she was not naturally a blonde.  I wouldn’t say you have to go THAT far.  But if you have thin dark hairs that you would like to lighten, then go for it.  If you have a dark complexion thought, I would stick to waxing or another method.


Now that the skin on your face is taken care of, lest not forget the body.  You can use your face routine on your neck and even your chest and back, but these are essentials for the rest of your lovely figure:

Image via dcairns.wordpress.com
Image via dcairns.wordpress.com

Body Wash– Similar to your face wash.  Just find one that suits your skin type (which may be different on your body than on your face).  Moisturizing for dry skin… Oil free for oily skin… etc.

Body lotion– No matter what your skin type, your body needs a moisturizer.  But how heavy a moisturizer depends on skin type, lifestyle, climate, etc.  And rubbing on body lotion after a shower is a great time to give yourself a nice massage and really appreciate the great body you have… no matter what your shape or size.

Sunscreen– if you’re out in the sun and your skin is exposed (even if it’s just in the car on your commute to work, and even on a cloudy day), make sure you use protection.  Starlet’s always practice safe sun.


Body scrubs– these are optional but they feel great.  I use scrubby gloves every time I shower because my skin does well with daily exfoliation.  But if yours doesn’t then you can use then a few times a week, or get a body scrub and use it when you feel your skin needs it.

Massages– these are time consuming and expensive (and you should make sure you go to a reputable place) but they are so luxurious, I challenge you to get one and not feel like a movie star.

Baths– these are a personal preference and dependent on a lot of things, but when you think Starlet, you think bubble bath.  If you have access to a tub, give it a try.  Pick a time, ignore the phone, turn on some music, light some candles and find your favorite bath product.  Bubble bath is an option, but so are bath salts, Epsom salts, or even some whole milk.

Image via classiccinemaimages.com
Image via classiccinemaimages.com

Hair Removal

How you remove unwanted have is very personal… as personal as the hair that you decide is “unwanted.”  There are so many hair removal techniques to choose from but there are two options that have stood the test of time:

Shaving:  Yes shaving can be time consuming and it doesn’t last long, but it’s the simplest option, and you can do it every day if you’d like… and we all know that a Starlet may have to be smooth on a moment’s notice.  And with such a busy life and social schedule, who has time to make a waxing appointment.  A good razor and a great shaving lotion are essential.  I have been using Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer for over a decade.  Yes, it’s a hair conditioner but since I started using it to shave I have never had a razor bump.  Starlet’s love using beauty products in unique ways.

Waxing: this option lasts longer and will get you smoother, and may be a good option for an area like the bikini line that can get awkward to shave.  Just make sure you keep up with your appointments because you never know when the movie of your life will have a love scene.


It’s always good to have a product on have to control shaving bumps.  I like one from Bliss or Tend Skin.


No film close-up would be complete without a gorgeous smile.  If your teeth are bad, then a good dentist is worth their weight in gold.  If your teeth are in good condition but just need a little brightening, then pick up a whitening toothpaste (just be careful if you have sensitive teeth, don’t overdo it, and choose a sensitive teeth formula).

Image via bdclifeinstyle.com
Image via bdclifeinstyle.com

Hands and Feet

Pedis– if you want to pay for a pedi then go for it.  But you can buy a rough, inexpensive scrub and a pumice stone and do one yourself.  Make sure you take care of your tootsies.  And absolutely nothing will make you feel more glamorous than red polished toenails.. even if you are the only one who sees them.

Duane Bryers Pin Up
Duane Bryers Pin Up

Manis– take care of your hands.  Like with your feet, you can get them professionally done or do it yourself.  Shape your nails, push back cuticles, and definitely use hand cream and a nail oil (can be just as simple as almond oil) every night before bed

Nail Color– a Starlet cannot resist a red painted toe, but finger nails are less important.  You can match them to your toes, go all out with a half-moon manicure like Dita Von Teese, go with a neutral pink, or just go with a clean, well-cared for bare nail.  It’s up to you.  If you do go with color, I recommend the new gel polish.  It lasts so much longer than traditional polish.  And no Starlet has time to be constantly doing her nails.  Once a week is ideal for hands.  Feet you can usually get away with every other week.

Image via criminalnails.blogspot.com
Image via criminalnails.blogspot.com


I would also note that every Starlet has a few emergency extras on hand in her vanity and/or medicine cabinet.  Band-Aids are essential for obvious reasons.  You never know when you may nick yourself or get a bister breaking in new shoes.  Also, Visine is a miracle product.  It can sooth red eyes, but it also can be dabbed on a pimple or red spot, or blotted on a red sunburned face (because maybe you decided not to listen to my sun advice, it’s okay, every Starlet has an inner rebel).  I always have Visine on hand.

Image via classiccinemaimages.com
Image via classiccinemaimages.com

This is just the tip of the beauty iceberg, but like every movie, we need to start somewhere.  Stay tuned for a makeup lesson!



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