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Secrets of the Super Stylish #InspiredByInStyle

Fashion magazines have been an obsession interest of mine since I was old enough to read. One of my favorites is InStyle.  I get giddy when mine arrives in the mail.  They have a section in the mag every so often called, Secrets of the Super Stylish.  It’s basically a collage of questions for people in the style industry… models, designers, stylists, etc.  I have wanted to do my own collage for a while now.  Since I have finally mastered (that may be a strong word) PicMonkey, I decided to finally make my dream a reality…

InStyle Magazine Secrets of the Super Stylish

You can also see my style collage on my new About page.

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Red Carpet Ready: The Big Day

Red Carpet Ready Final

The Golden Globes are this weekend, and Starlets are doing last min prep for the big day.  Everyday Starlets are no different.  So if you’ve been following my Red Carpet Ready 3 Month Plan (here is Month 3, Month 2, Month 1, and 1 Week) then this is the home stretch.  You should continue your diet/exercise/beauty ticks that you’ve been doing, and do a few last min steps to get you your most glamorous…. (more…)

A Long Day’s Journey Into Mac

MacBook Pro

They say, when one window closes another Mac opens… okay, maybe they don’t say that, I just made it up, clever huh? Anyway, I full intended to have a fabulous fashion post for you today, and start out 2015 with a sea of strong beauty, fashion, and glamour posts.  Unfortunately, life got in the way. (more…)

2015 New Years Resolutions


Champagne Cocktail 2

It’s  a new year, and that means a fresh start.  2014 had some highs and lows, and I really hoped to start 2015 fresh and organized… Unfortunately, issues with my laptop have started the year off to a rocky start.  But an Everyday Starlet must persevere.  So I am creating this post all on my new iPad (a Christmas gift I picked out before I knew a new laptop would be in my not-so-distant future).  I’m loving my iPad, and I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that I needed to learn how to use it as my main computer this week (normally I let technology sits around until I desperately need to learn how to use it).

That said, I’ve never been a fan of New Years “Resolutions” (who really sticks with them past Jan?)… But I am a very big fan of goals, and the start of a New Year is the perfect time to focus on the things you want to accomplish.  Here are my goals for the New Year… (more…)

Summer Features

Leopard Miraclesuit Swimsuit Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

It’s so important to have goals.  There is definitely something to putting your wishes out in the universe.  In the past I’ve let seasons go by, wishing things would happen, but never really making an effort.  A few summers ago I made a list of goals for summer…just a few silly things that I really wanted to do.  I was shocked when all of those things happened, and I had some of the best times of my life.  So now I try to make goals each season.  I’m in very good company, because some of my favorite bloggers, like The Glamorous Housewife and Cupcakes & Cashmere, do the same thing.  Here are some of my goals for Summer 2014: (more…)

How to Have a Movie Star Signature

Gil Elvgren Pin Up
Gil Elvgren Pin Up

Some would say that handwriting letters is a lost art.  I personally have to confess that my handwriting is less than glamorous.  However, true Starlets always have a signature, and I’m not just talking about their name (which they practice over and over again.)  They had signature paper, pens, ink… and it usually tied in with their personal style.

Jayne Mansfield kept true to her pink obsession with a pink inked signature and hearts (more…)

How to Stay Glamorous While Spring Cleaning


For most people, cleaning a house can be a daunting process.  So Spring Cleaning can feel overwhelming.  It’s true that many Old Hollywood Starlets has housekeepers, but many of them relished in the idea of keep a home.  Making your home feel fresh and clean for yourself and your family can be a very fulfilling thing… but how does a glamour girl actually stay glamorous in the process?  Here are a few tips… (more…)

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