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What I’m Loving This Week: Tech, Blogging, Grunge Glam & De-Stressing

Wayfair Heart Home Conference

This week was supposed to be mellow (if you saw yesterday’s post, then pun intended).  However, it’s ended up being a pretty stressful week. My new iPhone stopped working less than a week after I got it… and since they didn’t have any in stock, and I NEED a phone for this weekend (more on that later)… I traded it in for a new 6s.  Right after I write this I’m going to frantically get it set up the way I want it and pack for the weekend… (more…)

What I’m Loving This Week: Vampy Lips, Instagram, Linkups & More

Iphone 6 new

I think I’m going to have to call this week the week of the iphone.  My beloved cell phone, Ol’ Trusty, has been dying a slow and painful death.  So I decided to put him out of his misery and get a new phone.  Since I got an ipad for Christmas.. and them my laptop fell apart around the same time and I upgraded to a MacBook… my phone was my last link to the android world.  I’m definitely adjusting (like getting used to a new alarm setup that didn’t wake me up this morning, hense the late post).  So while I try to figure out how to send a text (it took me all day the other day to figure out how to use Instagram on this thing), you can check out what I’ve been loving this week…


What I’m Loving This Week: Never Forget Edition

Never Forget Quote Maya Angelou

Every generation has major life events.. things that everyone remembers exactly where they were when they happened.  In my parents generation it was the JFK assassination.  I feel like, in my lifetime, there have been quite a few major events that I will never forget.  Maybe it’s just in my nature to “Never Forget.”  Having a Birthday on a day like Pearl Harbor Day (the anniversary of it… I’m not THAT old) gave me a unique perspective on days of Remembrance.  I’ll bet those with birthdays today know what I’m talking about.

So in addition to my usual “What I’m Loving This Week,” I thought I would add a “Where I Was When” section as a tribute to the anniversary of Sept 11th… (more…)

Vlog: Fashion Police, Boobs, Unboxing, Liquid Lipstick Review, & More!

Vlog Screen shot camera

This is my first “Everyday Life’ type vlog… I’m talking all about the return of Fashion Police (missing Joan Rivers, and fan girling Brad Goreski, Giuliana Rancic, and NeNe Leakes), being a girl with boobs and why it’s not always fun, unboxing some jewelry, taking photos for my blog, and reviewing some new liquid lipsticks!

Don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button so we can be YouTube friends!  (more…)

My First Q&A + The Naked Smoky Giveaway Winner!!

Just published my 1st Q&A video...aaaand I announced the winner of this gorgeous palette at the end of the video. I'm EverydayStarlet on YouTube

A month ago I reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel, so I decided to give away to one lucky subscriber, a Naked Smoky palette!  I’m so in love with mine, and I just wanted to share the love.  As part of the giveaway, I asked for Q&A questions… so here are the answers!

I can’t thank you all enough for entering my giveaway and for subscribing and supporting my channel!  Cheers to many more!!!

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Back to School for Grown Ups

Back to School for Grown Ups

I’ll be the first to admit I was not a fan of school.  I hated the structure, the social aspect, and especially the mean teachers.  I encourage any young people reading this to stick it out because you’ll be glad you did… but I am certainly thankful that part of my life is over.  I can now get excited about Fall without the anxiety of classrooms.  The ironic thing is, I actually love to learn.  I have a naturally inquisitive mind, and I really do love studying and researching… I just like to do it on my schedule and involving subjects that interest me (some would call that stubborn, and those people would probably be right).   As adults, we  have the freedom to learn what we want when we want.  So if you’re all grown up but want to go back to school without actually having to go back, here are some ideas to get you started… (more…)

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